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Lil Black Dress FAQ

Welcome to The Lil Black Dress Project.

Here we try to answer as many questions you may have up front. If you have a question you see here please email me [email protected] and I will get your question answered!

Who is this Transformation for?

Any woman who wants to challenge themselves with fun workouts a great group and have a realistic meal plan to follow. The accountability of a weekly weigh in and a 6 week goal with a great party at the end make a huge difference in achieving success as compared to going at it alone?

Do I have to be a member of Hostyle?

Yes, If you are a current member you pay the $39 and you get unlimited classes plus all the members+ bonuses, While you are on the 6 week project you must keep your regular membership up to date.

If you are not a current member you pay the $269 and you get 6 weeks of Hostyle and the Members Plus Bonuses

Are weekly weigh ins Mandatory?

Yes, the power of accountability is a tremendous factor towards success, don’t worry everyone is shy at first, but when you start seeing the weekly changes your motivation will go through the roof and you become the inspirations for millions ( well ok maybe not millions – but u will inspire those around you!)

What if I have questions about the meal plan?

Thats what we are here for. We will be doing Monday nite 8pm Q&A sessions with a 30 minute butt and core workout at the end. There will be lots of help!! Remember you are not alone!!



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