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Kickass Youth Training – The Dividing Line in Youth Athletic Success

Youth Athletic Training OrleansJust the other day Curd and I were chatting about different levels of motivation of different people and all of a sudden realized that those who get it, I mean really get the “why” in training are those who have to work their asses off to get better.  You see it’s not the athletes that have an easy time with their journey in sports and athletic endeavors that really see the big picture when it comes to strength and conditioning.  It’s those who have to fight tooth and nail for gains that are not easily achieved just to be able to play.  It’s the ones who start off from scratch and have to train harder and harder every year just to remain eligible to play.

These are the true athletes who get what training is all about.

Everyone is Gifted

“There will always be greater or lesser persons than yourself.”

Just a quote from Desiderata, a poem centered on life and your journey through the universe.  It resonates with reality since it’s very true.  You’ll always be striving to outperform everyone else, but someone always happens to be better than you at something.

We were all born with certain gifts inherently encoded in our DNA.  That being said, strive to be happy and accomplish what you can with those gifts that God gave you.  But also don’t be satisfied with what you have, as you can train to become better than even your natural abilities.  You can train to get stronger, better conditioned, faster and more resilient, hence making you a better athlete.

Even if you’re already a phenomenal athlete the truth remains that you can make yourself an even better athlete.  The hard part is making younger individuals realize that through hard training you get better results than you do just floating through life and relying on those gifts.

The Struggle

Those athletes who have to struggle to play at a high level or even to make the team are those who constantly pursue getting better in order to be able to play. That’s the drive.  To be able to play they have to train to get better both physically and mentally.

They inwardly know this fact, especially when they see the naturally gifted athletes always getting picked to play first.

You want that struggle to achieve.  That’s the fire that burns deep in the gut of younger athletes.  It makes you better.  It makes you stronger.  You push harder knowing that someone else is warming up with your max.

Their motivation comes from getting stronger and more confident in their abilities.  To these athletes training makes sense.  It helps them see the big picture.  Once they’ve gotten more confident, they play better and better.  Eventually even to the point of taking the lead.

The Silver Platter

Those younger athletes who expect to keep on performing at a high level without training are often sorely disappointed when things change as they age.  Without the confidence and increased levels of athleticism through training, their natural skills just aren’t enough to carry them to the next level.

This is what separates the “good” athletes from the “great” athletes.  It’s that intrinsic motivation to push harder and go farther than they ever thought possible.  Those athletes who are naturally gifted and have had all their athletic performances handed to them on a silver platter generally don’t push themselves hard enough to get to the next level.  At least until they see how much better they perform when they train to succeed.

Training helps them maximize their performance and sustain their continued long term improvements.  Without it they often end up becoming those one-time wonders only to be replaced by the athletes that worked hard from the very beginning.


One should always consider this fact when you have a young and gifted athlete, that even though playing sports is easy, it’s never an excuse to not train hard.  Learning how to accelerate their development through strength training and proper conditioning serves to increase not only an athletes’ strength and abilities, but also their resolve and competency in life.  It’s through hard training that mental toughness and determination emerges to take young athletes to the next level.

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