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Consistency counts in fat loss

Keys to Successful Fat Loss

Sally Fields was working super hard on her fitness.  She had been going to the gym on a fairly regular basis for about a month now and she was well on her way to a successful bout of fat loss.  She attended at least two fitness bootcamp classes a week, lifted some descent weights on squats and deadlifts on another two days a week and took a good brisk walk on another day.  After about a month of steady work, she had dropped about six pounds and was feeling great, without even making any modifications to her diet, but then it happened…

Work stress!  Her work suddenly got a huge deal in which she was the primary director responsible for a successful project.  She started pulling overtime on the project, making her usual bouts of bootcamp and weight training workouts suffer.  She couldn’t hit the times in the gym and ended up going to work for 14 hours followed by a long drive home in traffic.

Sally was so exhausted by the end of the day that going to the gym seemed impossible.  Her energy level continued to drop and her six pounds of fat loss soon returned with interest from the increased munchies during those long hours of project planning.

The Endless Cycle

It seemed to be an endless cycle of work, eat fast food, drive home, collapse on the couch, wash-rinse-repeat, until Sally went out to coffee with her friend Sarah.

Sarah, was a super busy mom with two kids, a crazed fluffy white dog, and a demanding managerial position at a pharmaceutical store that sold a variety of weight loss products and energy boosters among other formalities.  Sarah was also a popular competitor at the local physique and figure shows throughout the country and was picked to win several shows in the next few months.

“Hi, Sarah!  How have you been?  Sorry it’s been so long since we had coffee together.  I feel as though my work is totally consuming my life,” Sally said.

“Hey Sally,” Sarah said with a smile.  “I’ve been really good, busy, but feeling awesome!  What’s going on with your work?”

“Oh, a big project that has to get done in the next three months and I’m the lead case manager.”

“Wow, that’s great.  Sucks that you’re having a tough time with it,” Sarah said.  “Are you still getting into the gym like your were?”

“Well, that’s the thing.  I was doing great for about a month, but now that I can’t make some of the classes and my schedule is so up and down, all I end up doing is going to work and then plopping down on the couch at night exhausted.  Honestly, I don’t know how you do it.  Two kids, dog, husband, big full time job…how do you find the time to get your workout in during the day?”

Making Time

“Oh, I just make the time,” Sarah said.  “It’s more of a scheduling thing than anything else.  Sometimes life gets in the way, true, but you just have to make the time.”

“Yeah, I guess your right, but something always seems to come up at the very last minute,” Sally said mournfully.  “I just get ahead in this project and then the hammer seems to drop from the sky throwing me backwards.  The gym should be a bigger priority, but I can’t seem to manage the time.”

“Well, Sall I know times are tough and you’re a hard worker, but you’re going to end up burning out both physically and mentally, especially if you let your health and well-being take a short fall.  Try what I do when my schedule starts taking a nose dive.  Get everything ready for the gym the night before and I do mean everything, from gym shoes, shorts, shirt, protein shake, EVERYTHING.  Then set your alarm for an hour earlier so you can get up and be ready to hit the gym by the time it opens.”

“Okay, how early are you thinking,” Sally said hesitantly, knowing that those early morning coffees and wasteful time spent deciding what to wear would be a constant problem.

“Oh, you know, four or five o’clock,” Sarah said nonchalantly.

“WHHHAAAATTT!” Sally exclaimed.  “That’s soooo early.”

“Yep,” Sarah said, “But to give you the best piece of advice that I can, you have to start your day with a good dose of exercise.  It’s really the only way you’re going to get it in when you’re really busy.  Hard training professionals have to sacrifice a little bit of their early morning time to get their exercise in before the day gets started.  It’s the only way, other than scheduling it into your work day that you’ll for surely get into the gym.”

“Ugghhh, seems like a lot to hope for,” Sally said.

The Best Things in Life

“Well, you’ve seen the results so far,” Sarah said.  “Exercise really is the best thing for your body other than proper nutrition and sleep, but they all have to be done consistently enough to make a difference.  You’ve seen this yourself that last month of going to the gym.  Right?”

“Yeah, you’re right.  I do feel and perform better when I’m going to the gym regularly,” Sally remarked in sudden realization.  Lately all I’ve managed to do is suck down some horrible food in the evening and then pass out watching an episode of Law & Order.  I guess I just have to commit to making the times available.”

“Realize it may not be for the long haul, but when you need to you’ll be able to shift gears and get into the gym early to knock out what you need to,” Sarah said.   Trust me, with my schedule, the kids and the bigger kid, sometimes it’s the only really productive thing I get done all day.  Not to mention the boost of energy it gives me to tackle those really nasty problems during the day.”

“Yeah,” Sally said,” it still sounds a little rough.”

“Of course it’s a little rough, Sall, but you can’t expect everything to just fall into place without putting in the work,” Sarah said frankly.  “The time you spend in the gym pays big dividends towards your health and fitting in that little black dress you liked in Chloe to impress who is it now, Brad?”

“Hmm, yeah Brad, I haven’t even had a chance to go out on a date with Brad in weeks now!” Sally said sadly.

“Well, time for a change of pace.  Set your alarm, no, scratch that, set two alarms for an hour prior to the gym.  Have all your gear and change of clothes for work ready to go and just get to the gym!  You’ll do something once you get there.  All you have to do is get through the doors of the gym.  You can do this Sall,” Sarah said.  “You’ll probably see me there too!”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to go down to your store and sell me some nice little fat burners?” Sally said.

Can I Take A Pill

“I’m not sure you need a pill to help slim you down,” Sarah said.  Besides those pills are for those gals who are getting ready for a physique contest and even then, there is still a considerable amount of exercise and nutrition that needs to be performed in order for those pills to work.  For now you’re entire job is to get to the gym and do what needs to be done,” Sarah said, sipping one final sip of her coffee.  “And we’ll leave the pharmaceuticals for another day.  I’ve got to get back to my work and get ready for another big shipment coming in tonight.”

“Okay, Sarah, thanks for taking the time to have coffee with me,” Sally said.

“No problem, Sall,” Sarah said.  “Just remember, there’s always a way, you just have to work around the confines of your schedule at times.  It’ll get easier, trust me.  Consistency counts!” Sarah said as she stood from the table and walked away.

Sally went home that evening and started packing her lunch, protein shake and got all of her gym gear ready for the next day.  She set her alarm for 4am and went to bed early, skipping the re-run episode of Law & Order.

All too early the alarm sounded and she slapped at the alarm to shut it off.  She shrugged her off her tiredness, walked upstairs and grabbed her auto-brewed coffee, slipped on her running sneakers and headed to the gym.  The hustle and bustle of the gym in the early morning was astounding with so many people slaving away at the weights and cardio machines.  And Sally thought, if they can do this so can I.  After all consistency counts.


-CPT SMASH –The real key to successful  fat loss efforts is consistency with your training and nutrition.

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