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Judging a book by it’s cover..


I’m reading a cool book at the moment on the subject of social media and getting noticed. This is important to continue to build the “Hostyle Conditioning” brand.

It’s called “Platform – Get Noticed in a Noisy World” by Michael Hyatt (what is this a freakin bookreport?)

I Just read this line,

“While People shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, they do”

It made me think, actually it made me feel about something.

I’ve been in the fitness business industry for 20+ years. I’ve have also been a pretty big guy. Infact I have weighed up to 390 lbs and was big and fat.

Sure I was strong. I used to believe being big (FAT) was great for strength. The public saw me as a big powerlifter, and if they came to me on advice on getting bigger or stronger they looked at me (judging my book by it’s Cover) and believed they were getting the right advice for those goals.

However equal to my knowledge in strength and muscle building, is my know how on getting leaner and eating properly for weight loss. But do you think I was sought out for those goals?


Do you think people looked at me and felt that what I was telling them about losing weight was correct?


I knew my stuff but my goals and lack of discipline told people another story.

I used to get frustrated about these “skinny” fitness trainers who were giving out terrible training and nutrition advice. They were deemed to be more knowledgeable because they were leaner. Truth is they had no clue what being overweight was like, or what it takes to get off and keep it off.

They were always “skinny”

Bottom line people…no the “world” judges a book, product or person by it’s cover

Personally, since I’ve focused on getting leaner and have dropped 60+ lbs since January my “Book Cover” is being judged differently, my Business and the “Hostyle” brand is getting more noticed.

Has my knowledge base increased in the last 60 lbs of weight loss?


However, people’s perception of that knowledge has.

For years I rebelled against this “way of thinking” and it cost me on many levels, sometimes my own stubbornness gets the best of me.

So, I’ll keep getting leaner and better conditioned for 2 reasons;

1)      It’s good for me

2)      It’s good for “Hostyle Conditioning”


How about you? Since you have lost weight and changed your physique has world begun “Judging Your Book Cover”, differently?

What about those of you who are currently overweight , or unfit, how are people seeing  and judging your “Book Cover?”

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