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its back!!!

The Lil Black Dress Project Starts again Monday November 9th

Our last one wrapped up at the end of September and there were some amazing transformations!

Yes the weight loss was in the the double digits for many of the girls!

lil black dress project PAT-01

But the one thing I was most moved by, was how much the ladies had changed on the inside.

The smiles in the after pics were brighter, the confidence that beamed from their faces was truly beautiful.

The Lil Black Dress Project works for a few reasons

  • Our Signature LBD Recipe Book (simple & fast recipe deliciousness)
  • 6 weeks of Done-for-You Weekly Meal Plans
  • 6 weeks of unlimited Bootcamp classes at Hostyle
  • Weekly Print-and-Go Grocery Lists to make your life easy
  • Complete Food Exchange List so you can swap for some of your favorite foods

We capped it off with a great LADIES night out

lil Black dress project orleans

The girls looked great and we had a great time laughing and talking about life, training and how they felt different in all aspects of their lives.

Whats really cool is many of the girls from the first Lil Black Dress Project are signing up again for this next LBD

I am pretty excited to have the next LBD starting next Monday November 9th at 8 pm.

IF you or one of friends who you really care about wants to take a part in this 6 week transformation and head into the holidays on great physical and emotional high sign up before its too late <== Sign up Here and lets Crush it!!!


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