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It hurts when I do practically anything……

Aches and pains

 I hear it all the time ,
my back is sore
My shoulders hurt
My knees ache

mobility fixes pain


There are many reasons that this is happening

 As most of my clientele is over 40 some if it’s due to getting older.


To be very honest that’s also a bullshit excuse, these aches and pains are mostly
due to inactivity, poor mobility and carrying extra pounds (excess body fat isn’t functional).


All of which are reversible with work and consistency.
 Now I’m not saying u shouldn’t be seeing your doctor; I would how ever
suggest you see your physio or chiro more specifically.


Most importantly it’s a major reason to train (especially at Hostyle)
as we focus on rebuilding our mobility and functionality.


Improved mobility and stability thru the major joints will lead
to tremendous progress in fixing some of those aches and pains.


And in many cases it almost has to get a bit worse before it gets
better (I’m not talking about getting more injured, if that’s the case
for you seek out a medical professional)


Listen, you lost that mobility and functionality over time, it took years of abuse
and neglect to arrive at your painful destination.


To expect things to get better after the first week is not only
impossible, it’s ridiculous. That being said though, progress does
happen rather quickly if your careful and consistent.


Some things that make all the difference:


  • Mobility based warm up
  • Functional movement and focus on proper form
  • Mobility based cool downs
  • Walking – so simple and effective
  • ICE – again simple yet always neglected
  • Foam roller – break up scar tissue that impedes the muscles working smoothly
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • ART active release therapy
  • Massage therapy –
  • ICE – yes it’s really that important


Find out what the hell is wrong with your mobility and functional movement!


You know you need to get in better shape.
But how do you know what to focus on?
Do you know where to start?


One of the tools we actively use at Hostyle is a Mobility and Conditioning Assessment.
We assess your overall fitness ability, including:


  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Core control
  • Postural awareness
  • And cardio capacity


With this individual feedback it’s so much easier to get started where you need to.
Your progress will be much more efficient.


To make this even easier for you guys, we are currently doing these assessments at Hostyle for only $20!


Email me [email protected] or CPT Smash Jess Howland [email protected] to book yours today


Get started today and Crush it for the holidays!!
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