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Hostyle workout of the day Orleans bootcamp

Hostyle Workout of the day – Prowler and Stations #2158

Today was time to hit some Prowlers – Usually as poart of our warm upo we will do any where from 3 -5 singles – 100 feet – half high horns half low horns.

Today i wanted to push a little longer so it was 10 singles to get the cardio really flowing

Then on to stations 7 exercises – round 1 30 secs each – round 2 45 secs each.


Warm Up

Hostyle Mobility

Cardio – 3 Minute Burpees


#1 Farmer walk complex with over head work

#2 Prowler – 10 singles

#3 Stations 2 rounds 1st round 30 secs per station 2nd round 45 secs per station

Kettlebell Swings


Ankle Touches

Squat Thrusters

1 Arm Kettlebell Rows

Bow Step up with Dbl Kettlebell Rack Hold

TRX Rows

Hostyle Cool down



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