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Hostyle Workout of the Day – Muscle and Hustle #2159

One of my favorite workouts is when we combine short burst cardio like 500 m runs or 350 m rows with Strength exercises.

Today we will be hitting both the Curd 500m run and a 350 m row followed by some bodyweight exercises with some accessory work.

Each round is a series of 3 mini targets. When we break down bigger workouts into smaller chunks we can drive harder mentally.

When we look back 20 -30 minutes later we can see just how much we accomplished.



Warm Up

Hostyle Mobility

Cardio – 3 Minute Burpees



2 Rounds

Curd 500 m run

Push ups X 20

Tricep Band Pushdowns X 50


2 Rounds

Swings X 50

Catcher Squats X 20

Lunges X 20


2 Rounds

Row 300 m run

Wall Sit ups X 20

Kettlebell Shrugs X 25

Hostyle Cool down

Keep the entire workout including warm up and cool down to under 45 minutes

Crush it!


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