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Hostyle Workout of the day – 3 minute drills #2157


How hard can 3 minutes be? Watch any boxing match or UFC and see the fighters killing it for 3-5 min rounds. You see them getting gassed!

Now of course they train for insane cardio and getting punched in the faced and kicked in the gut repeatedly at the same time must really add something special to experience I’m sure.

For Todays workout I wanted the group to feel just how long 3 minutes can really feel.

Warm Up

Hostyle Mobility

Cardio – 3 Minute Burpees


every 3 minute drill was followed by a 2 minute rest..

R1 Planks and side planks changing position every 30 seconds

R2 Dbl Kettlebell Clean and Press

R3 Planks and Travel Planks changing position every 30 seconds

R4 Catcher Squats

R5 Ball Slams

R6 Wall Situps


Finisher Curd 500

Cool down

Hostyle Mobility Cool down

Crush it!



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