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Hostyle Workout of the day – #2162 Burpee Complex

If you want to really stimulate metabolic activity then train legs! Hitting this muscle group with lots of sets or high reps is the fastest way to incinerate bodyfat and send your metabolism into over drive for the nest 24 – 72 hours!

Today’s Hostyle bootcamp does just that.

Warm Up

Hostyle Mobility

Farmer Walk Complex

Starting with pair of kettlebells complete 100 feet in a farmer walk (kettlebells down by your sides like suitcases)

R2 round hold one kettlebell in the `rack`position.

R3 switch arms

R4 double rack hold for the roung

Then Work you way back down to the Original farmer walk


Burpees 5 – 6 -7*-8-9-10*-11-12-13*-14-15    * row 300 meters before starting this round

Band Facepulls 20 reps —————————–)

Catcher Squat with 2 presses at the top of each rep 7 reps ————————)

workout flows like this


Burpees – 5 reps

Band face pulls 20 reps

Catcher Squat/PressX2 – 7 reps

Back to the top with 6 Burpees

and so on – Max time 30 mins

Hostyle Cool down

Keep the entire workout including warm up and cool down to under 45 minutes

Crush it!



The Hangar launches Sept 2016

6000 sq ft – Strength and Conditioning Open gym at Hostyle

Check it out here ==) THE HANGAR(==






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