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Hostyle why train your weakness’s

I did this video back in January 2012 and I had originally called it a post workout blog.

What it really talks about is how I believe in improving on our weak areas.

The areas I identify are:




Toughness Physical and mental

When we consider our own capabilities we are going to be weak in at least one of these areas if not more.

for some who have been sedentary for a long time, it could be all 4 areas.

Once an individual begins training, he or she will see faster inprovements in some areas based on their own physical and genetic traights.

Infact thats why people tend to stick to certain types of training, because they are good at it right from the get go.

Initially there will be lots of improvement, then things start to change, plateaus are reached.

But training or focusing on one or 2 areas will have limitations. Once we start to apply our focus to our weaker areas, there will be improvements at every level.

The strength of a chain is limited to the it’s weakest link.

Strengthen that link and that chain will kick ass!!

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