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Hostyle Weigh in Week #7

So, I have to admit after last weeks 4 lb weight gain after my 2 extra cheat days
in Toronto last Monday and Tuesday, I was back to the grind stone for this week.

To be perfectly honest weighing in every week and putting my results up on video,
really makes a big difference for keeping me accountable.

I also knew where the damage from last week came from, so in knowing and being honest
with myself I am better prepared to fix and tweak things.

The Hostyle Training system and the Man Diet work! It’s just up to the individual to follow
the simple steps that are outlined in the system.

So I went downstairs for the weigh in this morning feeling tighter and confident
because I had done the steps.

The question was did I drop the 4 lbs from last week?, did I do less?, or did I lose
even more?

Check out the Video below

Crush It!


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