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Hostyle Tuesday nite Q & A session at 8 pm

Tuesday Nite Q & A

Hostyle Conditioning Ottawa Kettlebell Experts

Tuesday Nite Q & A at Hostyle Conditioning

Starting Tomorrow nite (Tuesdays) 8 pm

I will be holding an open Q & A session at Hostyle. This is meant to give people a chance to sit and ask me any questions they have about their training, diet and goal setting.

We have been getting very busy at Hostyle and I want to make sure I can stay connected with you guys…

There are no such thing as “Dumb Questions”

We can also discuss training, as well as go over any specific exercise you maybe wanting to get better at or have your technique improved upon.

I am looking forward to seeing you kids….

We will also be holding some specific seminars coming up over the next few months which we will be announcing on our



as well as our blog at

So if you want to stay informed and get some good face time with me be sure you follow me on one of those social media venues..

Tomorrow nite I want to cover Protein, The what, why, and when of using more protein in your diet

See u at 8 pm…


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