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Hostyle Strength Challenge VII

It’s time to revive a lifting classic, the Hostyle Strength Challenge, formerly known as the “Fitness Warehouse Strength Challenge”.

When we were strictly a retail outfit under Fitness Warehouse, we began running an outdoor powerlifting competition. In fact, many of today’s local active powerlifters lifted for the first time in one of our previous six Strength Challenges.

We started with the bench press and added the deadlift, and in later years we added log press and farmers walk building on the interest of strongman training.

Now that we have built Hostyle Conditioning and our powerlifting crowd has continued to grow at an amazing rate — at the moment we have over 12 people in our Hostyle Powerlifting Team! — we want to bring back the classic!

Perfect For The New Lifter

The purpose of the Strength Challenge is to introduce powerlifting to the new lifter. In today powerlifting meets, it’s a big thing to compete for the first time. Joining a federation and paying your entry fee easily costs $125-150 plus travel, hotel, equipment (like singlets), food onsite, and other expenses.

Quite often, it’s a 2-5 hour drive to the meet, which happens in another major city like Toronto or Montreal (although there is usually 2-3 meets a year here in Ottawa now, too).

Plus, not to mention knowing the essentials before your first meet, like what is meet day like, how do you warm up, how do you pick your openers, following the commands, the judging, white lights versus red lights, why are three people staring at me while I lift this weight, and so much more! It can be intimidating and nerve-wracking — which can seriously hinder your lifts!

Ideal For The Novice Lifter, Too

The other individual who benefits from the strength challenge in the lifter who just started competing but could use a little more “game day” experience. Getting better at competing is just as important as getting stronger or more technical on the lifts.

Whether you’re an aspiring beginner with no experience, or you have a meet or two under your powerlifing belt, being around other likeminded people and rubbing shoulders with beginners and seasoned pros alike is worth its weight in gold.

Nothing beats being around other lifters. In fact, most people who are helping out at the strength challenge are experienced lifters who have a wealth of experience and knowledge (some have won several competitions themselves), and they are very happy to share and help newer lifters learn and get better at this sport.

Hostyle Strength Challenge VII

Saturday September 12th 2015 – Orleans Fall Festival Tent

3 Competition Categories to Choose From

  • Bench Only
  • Deadlift Only
  • Ironman (Bench and Deadlift)

There is a limit of 10 lifters per category. So if you want to take part in this amazing event, better signup quickly before spaces are filled up. If the popularity of previous challenges are any indication, spots are going to go blazingly fast! so you better hurry.

Super Bonus for the Action Takers

For the first five (5) lifters to register in each category, Curd Hos (that’s me!) will be giving you a One on One coaching Session at Hostyle — absolutely FREE!

Bench Press Coaching sessionYou will get to book a private one on one session session with Curd where he will look at your technique, help you fix issues, and improve your lifting. He will also look at your current program design and help you make adjustments to help strengthen your weaknesses and build on your strengths. Finally, he will also answer specific questions you have about your training and progress.

This amazing session is a whopping $85 value — but it’s yours free if you are among the first five (5) people to sign up for the challenge in either category (e.g., bench press, deadlift, or Ironman). So go ahead and signup now!

Hostyle Strength Challenge VII – Choose Your Lift Category

Lifters Also Get a FREE T-Shirt! Choose Your Size…

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