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Hostyle Powerlifting – World meet Phil Landry

Hey everyone,

I have been working with Curd for a few months now and he has asked me to maintain a blog at It will consist primarily of my thoughts about training, but we’ll see where it goes!

I suppose I should start by providing you with a little bit of background about me. I have been lifting weights since I was 15 years old. I have been very lucky in that, my parents insisted I remain active, and when I lost interest in team sports, and swimming became boring, my father bought me a weight set. And, that was when I caught the bug.

It wasn’t long after that when I got my first gym membership. I would go in the mornings with my mom (she had received early instruction from the guru himself, Charles Poliquin while studying at Otawa U. ) before school. It was weight training that led me to meet Mike, my best friend to this day. We trained together for several years, sharing the same goals. For us, it wasn’t about just having big pecs and big biceps (although neither of us would deny that those were perks), it was about the work. It was about becoming as big and strong as possible. It was about going from the 30lbs dumbbells to the 35lbs dumbbells. It was about going from 1 plate on the bar to 2 plates on the bar.

We began to do our homework and we quickly learned that to complement our work in the gym, we had to do our work at the kitchen table. Ground beef and rice became our best friend. It wasn’t long before we were 220+ lbs of muscle, our previous best gym lifts became jokes. Mike had to move away for work but he and I continue to share our love of the gym and the lifestyle.

I soon outgrew the gym I was using. I didn’t take long that I would stop improving by being the biggest guy in the gym. At the same time, I heard about the sport of powerlifting. I decided that I wanted my hobby to serve a purpose. I began to shift my focus to getting stronger and getting ready for my first competition. I joined the Ottawa Athletic Club. This was a turning point in my athletic life and my life in general. The guys there were huge and strong. And the guys who weren’t huge, were even stronger. The girls were serious, they lifted weights bigger than the little pink ones. Everyone squatted. Everyone deadlifted. I had found my home… or so I thought.

I wasn’t there long before I was approached by Eric Gagnon, a world class lifter and squat specialist. He became my coach and I did my first powerlifting competition at Fitness Warehouse (future home of Hostyle Conditioning). I became addicted. I soon began to devour everything I could find on powerlifting (more on this in future blogs… ). My quest for a bigger total (total of squat, bench press and deadlift in a competition, the ultimate goal in powerlifting) led me to Curd Hos, the Bench Monster himself.

I attended one of his bench press seminars and learned great deal. Eight months later, I started teaching a powerlifting class with him and have-taught at one of his seminars with him.

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