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Hostyle on Beginners training with us

I have been asked lately as to what new athletes are to look for and experience
when they start training with us at Hostyle Conditioning.

On the video below I go over what you can expect as you start to workout.

Crush it!



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  1. Jack (the new guy!) - January 31, 2012 1:48 pm

    What can I say. After only 8 early-morning workouts with Curd and a group of great people every fibre in my body has woken up from a deep 20 year sleep! It’s hard to believe that I am already sleeping better and ready to take on whatever a new day throws my way. The first two weeks were definately a shock to my body, but I already know the time and financial investment I make at Hostyle will pay in spades in every other aspect of my life. I also know I will have the support I need to make it happen. That means everything.

    Many thanks for Curd and the Hostyle team for helping this rookie get through the first few weeks of the break-in period (this includes staff and some enthusiastic athletes that have helped motivate me to finish the last rep!).

    Goal: 180 in 2012!


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