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Hostyle Manifesto – Physical Challenges

So I am currently working with my Business coach Eric Deschamps from Breakthrough Business Coaching.

Like in Training to be more successful in attaining your goals u need a great coach.

One of the things he has me working on is developing my Hostyle Manifesto.

Basically Im looking at words that best describe the culture and vision at Hostyle Conditioning.

Something that is easier said than done. Trying to express what’s inside one’s self, in your heart, your soul and core beliefs is difficult.

When we r truly passionate about something it’s a whole new “thing” to really slow it done and find the ways to express where and “why” that passion is coming from.

So to help me do this I am doing a Video series or “vlog” on the Core Value words that I believe apply to Me, Hostyle Conditioning, and our “why”.

So My first Core Value word will be

“Physical Challenges”

Please watch and Post comments if this resonates with you.

I want to Thank Eric my business coach for pushing me and coaching me to keep growing and building Hostyle Conditioning into what I envision it to be.

Keep Crushing it!


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25+ Years Personal Trainer - Specialize in Men and women over 40 Bench Press Athlete Best Comp Bench CPF 534 lbs Raw Feb 2017 RPS 550 lbs Raw April 2017 Founder Hostyle Conditioning Founder Hostyle Gear Founder Hostyle Kettlebell Systems

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  1. Coach Eric - January 21, 2013 7:51 am

    Keep up the great work Curd! Your best days are ahead of you!


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