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Hostyle – How to recover from a cheat meal….


If you plan out your diet well, there’s no reason why you can’t add a cheat meal into the diet from time to time. Cheat meals can be a great way to indulge and satisfy some food cravings you are experiencing and as long as you are making sure that you account for them, they won’t set you back in progress.

When cheat meals come unplanned however, that’s when you may run into some problems. Especially if these unplanned cheat meals begin coming on a little too frequently, that’s when weight loss set-backs are almost inevitable.

Fortunately, if you do slip and have a cheat meal, there are a few things that you can do to recover quickly from it.

Let’s have a brief look at what you need to know.

Have A Protein And Vegetable Day

The very first thing that you should do if you encounter a setback is to have a high protein and vegetable day the next day. This will help to make up for the high influx of carbs that likely came in, helping you sustain a proper calorie balance between the two days.

Remember that one day of overeating isn’t going to cause weight gain. It’s when you have multiple days of overeating that will. Keep things in balance and you will be okay.

Resist The Urge To Do Cardio Overload

Also resist the urge to do cardio overload.  Many people will go this route and perform hours and hours of cardio training. This is only going to seriously stress the body out and will cause additional cortisol to flood your system.

Cortisol has the tendency to cause the body to store excess body fat, therefore having this present with the higher calorie intake you took in the day before isn’t going to be an ideal situation.

Focus On Moving Forward

Finally, last but not least, put the set-back behind you. This is where many people go wrong – they feel like since they made one error, they’ve really blown it and are now on route to gaining back all the weight that they had lost once again.

Instead, focus on what you’re going to do in the future to help prevent that same set-back from occurring. Was it a situation that set you off into an overeating frenzy?

Was it stress? Perhaps you need to work on your coping methods better?

Whatever the case, pinpoint why you suffered from the cheat set-back in the first place and then deal with it in a productive manner. This way, you can reduce your chances of cheating again.

So there you have some important tips to keep in mind if you want to recovery well from a cheat meal. While a cheat meal may cause some frustration, if you push past it productively, it doesn’t have to do you too much harm.

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