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Hostyle Conditioning – Why it works and what doesn’t work

Below I am going to show you a video…

Remember that that guy that was on TLC the 650 lb Virgin.

He lost 400 lbs…changed his life completely….even got a girlfriend..and eventually “sealed the Deal” as the expression goes…

He became famous, even became a personal trainer..etc.

But 2 years later………….back up to 500 lbs…..

What the hell happened???

watch the video and you will hear his thoughts on it…

I have my own opinions (I know shocking)

He found himself alone in a new level of existence…his circle of influence from his heavy days had changed. Unfortunately he didn’t develop a strong enough “New” circle of influence….or a new “Tribe” to be a part of.

He also didn’t really fix or address the cause of his eating see his eating and lack of physical activity were/are merely symptoms of what’s really causing his hurt.

He definitely didn’t reinforce the POSITIVE things that were happening to him.

We rise or lower our selves in response to our environment. If we surround ourselves with positive healthy people we become more positive and healthier.

The people who workout at Hostyle do well because they are at Hostyle. The environment is such that we are all there to do the best workout we can. We push ourselves because the people to the right and left of us are pushing themselves.

Hard work is respected and admired by everyone in the group regardless of their fitness level.

When the people you admire and respect give you positive reinforcement when you are working hard it goes a long way to motivate you and build your self esteem.

One of the reasons we have accountability Mondays is make our clients who are working on losing weight accountable to themselves for their actions.

We then recognize their hard work and accomplishments by giving them a shout out as one of our “Accountabilty Rockstars“ during the week.

Another thing we like to do is take photo`s of the group after the class. It promotes the camaraderie of the group. Its always a picture of sweat and smiles.

Training as hard as you can and getting through a tough workout gives you a huge sense of accomplishment. Not to mention a flood of endorphins to the brain that promotes a high and a great sense of well being.

When u train on your own…it`s lonely and very tough to get motivated to really push yourself. It`s like training on a treadmill you can always just get off.

In the group you won`t let yourself just stop plus a Hostyle  Coach will be on you to keep going, push one more rep, fight through it.

There has been many, many times I wanted to skip training, long days have often left me beat mentally. But I know that once the class starts and I`m doing the workout I`ll get through it.

I can`t stop, it`s not the Hostyle way.

I am accountable to all the people in the class. I must lead by example, if I stop, I am telling them it`s OK to quit by my actions.

I must walk the walk because I talk the talk.

I have surrounded my self with the Hostyle environment, I have built a culture that thrives on EFFORT!

My training has never been better, I have never been fitter and this is at 44 years old.

I hear this over and over from my Hostyle clients as well.

Once their headspace is at this point, its like a switch in thire mind gets tripped . They get it and their training goes to a new level and their body has no choice but to follow.

Next thing you know they are doing other thiings in their lives that they have never done before.

Running races like Army run, Spartan, 1/2 and full marathons.

Strength competitions – powerlifting – strongman

Playing sports again

Their spare time is spent completely different, their circle of influence has changed , they are now spending more time among others doing the exact same thing.

Positive actions create positive experiences which build positive friendships and positive memories and it keeps happening.

It grows well beyond the “I’m doing this to lose X amount of weight” goal that moved you initially.

I wish that Kid in the video all the best…..




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