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Hostyle Conditioning – Train outside your box PLUS weekly weigh in


In today’s Video

It’s back to the weekly weigh in and I talk about training outside your box or comfort zone.

One of the best aspects of the training we do at Hostyle is the variety of different training disciplines.

From barbells and weights to kettlebells and sandbags, We Incorporate yoga and mobility with cardio and endurance.

I believe that you should also do this with chosing some of your fitness and conditioning goals.

As a powerlifter i have added 5k training and signed up for not 1 but 3 different 5 k challenges. Notice I didn’t say race.. These events are labeled as “Races” but I’m all about getting it DONE.

If your a Cardio based athlete, train and enter a strength event like powerlifting.

Really approach an outside your Box event like this as just that.GET IT DONE!

When it comes down to it, its no Race or Competition its you challenging your self; physically, mentally and spiritually.

It’s our challenges that improves us!

For info on our Run Like Hell-th 5 and 10 k go to the link below to register

Crush it!







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  1. Cathie - July 20, 2012 1:30 pm

    Well done Curd – you are inpirational and courageous to share your story!



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