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Hostyle Conditioning Testimonial – Serena’s Story

Here’s a testimonial I just received from a couple of our newer Hostyle Athletes..

They have been with us for just under 3 months…


Back in March I was looking to do something to prepare for an upcoming trip to Mexico in May. I had noticed the sign outside of Hostyle Conditioning and was seeing more and more posts on Pinterest about kettlebells so after doing some research I contacted Curd.


I was expecting to get roped into a long term contract and was thrilled to hear that they offered a 4 week kettlebell basics class.  I signed us up right away despite the fact that the classes were full until our return.


We first walked into Hostyle Conditioning on June 3rd having no idea what to expect of the Kettlebell Basics class.  Mid-way through the warm up my husband looked at me and through the sweat dripping down his forehead and whispered “I thought this was a basic class…”


Despite the fact that I thought I was going to die that night and the pain we felt in the next few days, we enjoyed the class and looked forward to the next one.  The classes became more difficult as the weeks progressed but we found that we were able to push ourselves further each time and before the end of the four week session we decided to commit to three more months.


I’ve never enjoyed working out, there was always something that didn’t fit; the gym was too crowded, the class instructors didn’t explain the moves and let’s be honest – treadmills and elliptical machines are just plain boring!


This is not the case at Hostyle Conditioning, the trainers are great – taking the time to make sure that you have the moves down, are using the proper form & weights, pushing you when you’re ‘on’ and standing back a bit when you’re having an off night.  The other members of the Hostyle family are also great at giving you that extra little push.


We are constantly surprised at how far we’ve come and as tired as we are after a class, we leave with a smile and are proud of how we were able to push that little bit more.


It’s only been 11 weeks but the benefits are outstanding.  We’re now able to outlast our 2 year old boxer playing in the yard, have had no issues cutting down the 40’+ cedar trees that were left unattended in our yard for the past 30 or so years are finding ways to be more active on a daily basis and we’re sleeping so much better (I’ve also had to buy new clothes twice already).


We’re very much looking forward to what the next few months/years bring, this is no longer about losing a few pounds for a trip to Mexico – it’s about becoming stronger, fitter and healthier as a couple so we can enjoy many more trips together!


Curd, Tobin, Rachel, Ryan, Stephanie and the rest of the Hostyle family – we thank you!
Serena and Jeff @ Hostyle
Serena & Jeff
These 2 kids have come a long way in their fitness journey in just a few short months….
The fact that they are Leaf fans also makes them 11% cooler in my books….
Thx for choosing Hostyle as your workout “Home”
Curd and the Hostyle Crew
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  1. Rick - August 23, 2013 6:09 pm

    And the Awesomeness grows…..You guys have only been here three months??? From the way you’re moving I’d think it was longer!


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