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Hostyle Conditioning – Run Like Health 5 and 10k walk and run to send kids to sports camps

This past Sunday we held the
it was the first year we joined forces with Beauchamp Chiropractic to
organize and run the event.


It was a pleasure working along side Dr Nathalie Beauchamp

I really am excited to be part of this, and to be able to help kids from our community
be able to attend sports camps, whose family wouldn’t normally be able to afford it.

I was also so very proud to see so many of my Hostyle Athletes who came out to
participate and support this great event and cause.

we raised over $900 towards our goals.

I would also like to thank Councillor Bob Monette who also contributed resources
to help run this event. He also helped promote the event and has also committed to helping us build on our efforts for next years Walk Run.

Thank you Councillor Monette

Some more of The Hostyle ladies who walked the 10 k

These Hostyle Sisters Crushed the 5k Run

Here I come across the finish line


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