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Hostyle Conditioning rocks Petrie Island with our 2nd annual Kettlebell Beach Workout and BBQ

Hard to believe another year has blown past us…

Hostyle Conditioning held its 2nd annual Kettlebell Beach workout and BBQ at Petrie Island this past Sunday August 25 2013.

There were over 30 people in all who attended , worked out and help run this awesome event.

The weather was perfect, not too hot and it was nice and sunny, perfect conditions to unleash Hostyle Awesomeness upon the beach.

We were set up on the left hand side of the beach by 10 am and the group started arriving by 11 am. We started the warm up at 11:30 and we were off.


Hostyle Warm up


For the workout we set up 3 stations.

Two stations were kettlebell exercises for 30 secs for 3 exercises then we would rotate to the next station.

One station was the “carry” station – you had to grab a sand bag or pair of kettlebells and walk, run or hobble around until it was time to switch stations.

The second set we did 60 seconds per station so it ended being 3 minutes between rotations. The “carry” station was particularly tough on this round!!

Once the main part of the workout was done it was time to have more fun.

We headed over to the sand to do the Kettlebell Drag Race.

We split up into 2 teams, then each person had to drag a 40 kg (88lb) kettlebell out past a sandbag which was 100 feet out. Once they passed the other sandbag they had to double back and drag it back to the original starting line where the next person in line had to jump in and repeat.

Lots of hard work and grit was taking place and the teams were cheering and clapping their teams mates on!!

Kettlebell drag race Hostyle


Kettlebell Drag Race Action


More Hostyle kettlebell drag race




Kettlebell drag race Hostyle


Once the Kettlebell Drag Race was done it was onto the

Kettlebell Toss for Distance

Curd tossing the kettlebell

We had 3 catergories

The 8kg Toss

Dolly tossing the 8 kg kettlebell

Winner – Dolly Hos

The 12kg Toss

Kim won the 12 kg kettlebell toss

Winner Kim Murray

The 16kg Toss

Lindsay winning the 16kg kettlebell toss

Winner Lindsay Toll (far left in red T shirt).

A whole bunch of Hostyle Awesomeness!!!

Hostyle group

What a fantastic way to spend a day training and having fun together. The fun was capped of with a BBQ with Hotdogs and Burgers and some Pasta Salad.!!

Nothing better than training hard then feeding the machine afterwards.

We saw lots of familiar faces, some new faces and some peeps we hadn’t seen in a while…..

Plus lot’s and lot’s of sweaty , smiling faces!!!!

Also a shout out goes to the husbands and wives who came out and watched the kids playing on the beach while their awesome halves hit the kettlebell workout!!!

We can’t wait to do this again next year.

A Special Hostyle Conditioning thanks to the following peeps.

The Hostyle events team

  • Caroline Vunak
  • Hostyle Stepahanie Levangie
  • “Bad Ass” Rachel Lessard

Food and Transportation

  • Mark Vunak
  • Lindsay Toll
  • Caroline Vunak
  • Dave the “Hammer” Thompson

Hostyle Coaches

  • Bad Ass Lessard
  • Ryan Richards

Looking forward to the next Hostyle event.

Got an idea for and event please don’t be shy to contact me [email protected]

Crush It!





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