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Hostyle Conditioning rocks!!! because our clients care about each other….

This is another reason Hostyle Conditioning is awesome, it’s the members and how they care for each other

Check out what one of our members sent to her 4 girlfriends who workout here with her..

This shows how caring for each other allows us to “Crush it” !

“Good morning Ladies!

I know we all love the BUSY sports season with the kids, cottage season with the wine…making evening ‘us’ time at the gym a little more challenging…

When we embarked on our journey to better health, better endurance (and well, maybe the promise of a tight beach body) about a month ago, we also promised to try to motivate each other.

So here I am…reminding each of us how fabulous we are, how far we have come, and how I look forward to continuing our journey together. I love spending time with you guys, and I love getting that wink, nudge, high-five, and smiles when we complete one of Curd’s gruelling sessions.

My goal for the next month…conquer the prowler and embrace the burpies!

Life is good, especially when we have good friends to share it with…love you guys!

Ange ”

She also sent them the link to Michelle’s awesome transformation…

Fantastic work Angeline…proud to have you as one our own!!


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