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This Morning was a great workout for the 6 am crew.

One of may favorite formats for training Ottawa bootcamps is Timed intervals.

This is a great way to train a group of people who have different fitness levels.
I pick a series of exercises and the group has to perform as mant reps as possible for
the prescribed time.

So is some in is fitter or stronger in burpees he or she will get more reps within the the time frame before they get “gased” or tired. A person who has a lower fitness or endurance level will also get “gased” it will just take less repititions.

They key here is both people are gased at the end of the timed interval.

Todays routine was 6 exersises. The first round was 30 seconds of each one right after the other. Then the Ottawa Bootcamp athletes get 60 seconds of rest.

Each round the duration became longer, starting with the 30 sec,then a 60 sec, 90 sec, and finally a 120 sec cycle

Todays exercises were

Push Ups
Scissor Crunches

We effectively worked


Then to finish they ran a “Curd” 400 which is a 800 meter run, to make sure we drained the last bit of energy reserve they had left.

Below is a video of the Push ups during the 60 sec round….

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