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Hostyle Conditioning – How to handle a less than awesome day!

Everyone gets one of those “why did I get outta bed” days.

Even yours truly has days that are Less Than Awesome!

All be it, it’s a rarity, it does happen.

Today was one of those days. I’m not sure what triggered it. People who are smarter than me say it’s a build up of pressure from what’s happening in one’s life. Some say’s it’s because of something that needs to get resolved that’s on our minds.

Pressure doesn’t always mean negative stuff. Positive pressure also exacts a toll on one’s self. I often have lots on the go,

  • projects
  • my training
  • my clients training
  • videos that need to be done
  • upcoming races or meets
  • business matters
  • family, wife, kids
  • neighbours dog that keeps crapping on my lawn

And each one of these areas involves dealing with people, deadlines and my own expectations.

I’m sure it’s the same for everyone, Some more than others.

It’s one of the reasons we need to be both physically strong as well as tough mentally.  The tougher and fitter we are the better we can deal with all of this.

But when that day where we feel burdened and tired hits us even under the best conditions   we need to know how do we deal with it.

You can’t just sit and stew in it, that just makes it worse, you get even better at feeling crappy.

So how do we or I break out of it,

First thing I did was try to figure out what was eating me. Once I had an idea what it was I was able to judge if it was something I could resolve right away or think about how I can work on the issue. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge it and get on with your day.


That’s right , it’s that simple get up, or stand up from your desk and move a little bit. Outside is best, but even just heading down the hall to the coffee room  can help.

A quick Workout

Hit 50 push ups and 50 squats..get breathing and get that blood pumpin”

Call or visit someone

Chat about them, not you! We are social animals that need human interaction. See how they are doing. It will do you both some good.

Take Action!

Do something that leads you closer  to one of your goals. Work on your action plan, or if you don’t have one, create one. Put a “stake” in the ground as my Business Coach Eric Deschamps would say and go after it!

So what did I do to get back to Awesome?

I sat in the parking of Staples and thought about what was bugging me. Did a quick evaluation and said “Crush it!”

Then I went stopped at my friends canteen, Al Jue Ask 4  for a visit and a “Hostyle Omelette”. We chatted about how her restaurant is doing. She did the talking and I did the listening while I ate. When I left you could tell me both felt better about ourselves.

Then When I got to Hostyle I did 100 kettlebell swings with a 16kg kettlebell..I did just eat an omelette so I didn’t use the 24kg.

Then I worked on setting my office up with organizational wall charts and stuff to get better systemized for even more Hostyle Awesomeness.

Curd Hos office






Creativity builds positive energy

I wrote this venting maybe or thinking with a keyboard?

I figured it was something that others could benefit from, when we resonate with others we get strength and resolve from seeing their solutions to the same issues.

Either way I didn’t re-invent the wheel I just hit some steps that within a couple of hours I felt “Awesome-ized” again.

I’m Back to Crushing it!

How do you handle this type of situation? I would love to hear what you do.


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