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When I think about how far Hostyle has grown evolved over the last 3 years, I think of the many clients that are with us for the long term, really it’s more like their part of the Hostyle Family.

..and the family just keeps getting bigger!…

For sure our training is very, very good.

For sure we have excellent coaches that care about each and everyone of our family members.

The thing that really is fueling our growth and overall Awesomenes is our Hostyle Family members.

So in getting ready to write a blog this week I thought I would get one of our                     “O.G. -( Original Gang members)  Rick Lessard to share his thoughts on how he started with Hostyle and how the Journey has affected his life!


“Come on, you got this” … That was the voice in my head at  5:15 this morning, as I glanced at my  “Couch to 10k app” and saw what it wanted me to do.  The voice wiped all the self doubt out in a few seconds… Really not sure whose voice it was and I pondered that as I went through the five minute brisk walk warm-up.  There have been so many voices or sound bites that have infiltrated my life and life style over the last 30 months or so.

They don’t occur in any particular order – when there is a lull in my head – one of them shouts…

30 seconds in to the warm-up… I’m thinking about my 10k coming up in November – after the Army Run and the Run Like Hell-th… Here’s that voice … “There it is, the Lessard Gene again…everyone else does couch to 5k – you gotta do a 10k…”

Simple logic in my mind, I have not done a 10k in 10 years, when I was a young man of 41….  Lots of 5s over the last 5 or 6 years – particularly the Army Run – an awesome event – and I noticed they have been getting easier.  Time for the next challenge.  I have been bringing my cousins down from Montreal for various things , like the Army run, and now the Spartan race – they told me that it was time we did something in Montreal – so here we go … Demi-Marathon des Microbrasseries Vallée du Richelieu…November 10th.  As Karyn signed us up for it she asked me – “5k?”  I had been debating the voices for a while, and was losing… “10” I said…Then I heard it again… “Lessard Gene  !!”

Karyn – now there is the voice that started it all for my family…

Christmas Holidays 2010: She was  playing around with her laptop and said “Hey, Curd is offering a free kettlebell class, we should try this.”  Followed by “Come on, it’s Curd , we have known the guy since Rockland – this could be fun”…

10 minutes into the warm-up and this “Healthy Avid Cyclist” is a quivering mess on the floor…Shit, I thought I was in shape!

One of the voices surfaces…”Stick with this for two weeks, it’s going to hurt like hell, but you’ll get past that”.

Fast-forward four months…”Dad, you and mom seem to love this – is it something I can try?”  enter the BADASS, now part of the fabric of the place…I gotta say I was not to keen to have my kids watch me suffer, and infiltrate “My Gym” – it is tough living with adult kids – they really don’t want to be living at home anymore,  and you feel your job is done.  I had my reservations, but hell, I had convinced them to do the MS bike tour with they were 12 and 11 – cycling  to Kemptville and back, so I guess I may have instilled some of this healthy lifestyle stuff in their heads early on.

My fears were never realized,   and training with my daughter, son,  and Biff (read that daughters BF, now forever referred to as BIFF) has changed all of our relationships around.  We are all better for it, and all three of their voices play in my head at will.

Sometimes the voice is mine “Pick the damn thing up, there’s  15 seconds left”;  “Sure you can snatch a 20kg, I’ll spot you”;  ”It’s an AMRAP, stop looking at the damn clock!!!”; or, “You should run the Army Run – you are always trying to inspire and motivate people, think how it will be for them when they see you cross the line…”

A couple of months later… One of these voices is becoming prevalent…”You should start doing the advanced class….” Oh Shit.

What the hell, how hard can it be?

1000 rep challenge!!!!  “What kind of Fresh Hell is this????  300 Burpees in the middle of a workout??”  And what twisted part of your mind allows you to call an additional 100 Burpees a “Bonus”???

I hit 200 and figured I was done…”You got this “ said the voice.  “Just think Rick, you’ll be able to tell everyone you did 300 Burpees!” … I was pretty friggin proud of 200! Other voices from the advanced class – “Let’s go! – You got this!”

Hardest thing I had ever done in my life…So far…

Lots more challenges – wow I’m starting to look forward to these: new coaches, new ideas – stretching and pushing yourself to new limits. New voices,  “Do not put that kettlebell down, if you’re tired do around the body to recover”…”How many squats have we done?  I’m not counting”…”If you drop it, move your feet!  Fast feet are happy feet!”

“I’ll do them with you”… I Heard that voice in year once as someone struggled with the last 20 push-ups in a Saturday morning  challenge.  I heard it again at a 2pm Saturday class this past winter…rowing and burpees – 5000 Metres, 250 burpees (250 Ha ha ha ha is that all??)  – split it up anyway you want.  ”Doesn’t matter how you split it up- it’s gonna suck”.  Oops, that would be me, and my outside voice again… I watch my son, directly across from me bang out 100 Burpees straight as I work on my first 50.

Shit, when the hell did he get that strong – a year ago he went home and puked after his first workout!   I’m gassed, all the rowing is done, but 40 Burpees to go…”How many you got left?”… I look up to see my sweat-ball of a son…”40” I gasp…”Come on, I’ll do them with you….”  that sound bite is permanently burned in.

“Don’t think, just do it…” from the same guy that brought you “Gloves are for chicks” and then ripped his calluses off doing raw chin-ups… tail end of another challenge:  5 chins, 5 Burpees, 5 deadlifts – 10 rounds… Slowly. Getting. Off. The.  Ground.  After. My. Last. Burpee. Walking up to the bar… the voice says “Don’t think – Just do it”;  I do it.

We do all this so we can live better, experience more things, and do them all well.  We train so we can compete – but mostly with ourselves.  We make adjustments, we improve, and we get stronger and stronger and have a hell of a lot of fun.  We drag our friends and relatives into the “family” because we know it will be good for them in the long run, and while I have had a few threats “I’m going to kill you“  said one voice as he crossed the finish line at this year’s Spartan race,  he later thanked me for kicking him in the ass, and getting him moving again.

We look forward to events like the Army run, Run like Hell-th and yes, I probably have another Spartan race in me, because we all support each other as we look for a personal best, or just to cross that finish line.  And we are always looking for the next cool challenge or next event.

And the voices keep adding up… at the end of the Spartan race this year…”That was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life”… Hardest thing so far Curd, hardest thing so far.

The voice in my head sounds a bit mechanical – oh wait, that’s the “Couch to 10k” app drowning out the AC/DC…”Begin your cool-down”  Wow, that went by fast  And I realize all the other voices were right…”You got this…”


Rick Lessard at Hostyle Conditioning

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