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Hostyle Conditioning Getting started in your 40’s

Hostyle is all about getting better as we get older in fact this is our Mission Statement

Curd at 45

Hostyle is focused on transforming men and women by helping them achieve levels of strength and conditioning they never thought possible! We exist to crush the limitations that keep people from living the extraordinary life they have always wanted. Our dynamic training focuses on strength & cardio conditioning, weight loss, and overall fitness principles which help our clients improve their mobility, energy levels and confidence. We strive to increase their mental and physical toughness in order to re-ignite their passion for life and unleash their full potential.

We are HOSTYLE to words like, “can’t” and “good enough” Our job isn’t done until every client becomes an inspirational story! Crush it!

Now that being said we have to Start somewhere. Here is a question received this morning as I got to Hostyle at 5:45 to teach our 6 am class.

Curd, Hey there, i have a question for you, Mike ( my husband) has lost 35 pounds, he is eating well and things are going well for him, he is not much for excercise but he told me he wants to make sure he is not all flabby with all the pounds he is loosing, he is 5″9 he was 250 now 215 he is 46 years old …. I am not sure going all out exercise is a good thing he had never done any such thing, can you tell me what you think he could do to firm up and help with the jelly belly thing … i do not want him to die of a heart attack !! so we were waiting to talk with you before he did anything lol… get back to me when u can.


My response.. Taghnya, Thats great news about the weight loss and the desire to be healthier at 46

Hostyle conditioning is built on that age group with those 2nd half of life epiphanies!!!


Have him start with this


Day 1  Mobility warm up Walk 30 minutes
Day 2  Mobility warm up 10 push ups – 10 squats – 10 leg raises X 3 cycles walk 20 minutes
Day 3  Mobility warm up walk 35 minutes
Day 4  Mobility warm up repeat Day 2
Day 5  Mobility warm up walk 40 minutes
Day 6  Mobility warm up walk walk 30
Day 7 Mobility warm up Walk 30 minutes


here is the video for the mobility warm up


let me know if you have any questions
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