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Hostyle Conditioning ….Focus on the Nutrition as well as the training


One of the MOST important aspects of losing body fat and

gaining lean, firm, muscle tone is proper nutrition.

I’ll go as far as saying that nutrition is responsible for 80% of the results.

Remember this

You can always eat more calories than you burn

Here is an example for you

You can eat a snickers bar in 12 seconds flat


It will take you over an hour on the treadmill to burn the same snickers bar


Well who said life was fair ;(

Good nutrition is just a matter of planning

Planning is easy when you’re at home

But planning gets  a little tricky when you’re at work

or on the road.

So here are 4 easy quick snacks you can use for the

in between meals.

The key is choosing snacks that contain some protein

and either some fiber or healthy fats to keep you

satisfied until your next meal.

To that, you also must watch how many calories

each snack contains as well because the calories

can add up quickly and this could definitely

prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals.

Let’s have a quick peek at four great snacks that are

all under 200 calories that will help you keep your

nutrition and diet plan in order.

Greek Yogurt With Berries

The very first snack to consider is Greek yogurt served alongside some fresh berries. Greek yogurt is high in calcium, high in protein, and very low in sugar.

The berries will add some fiber along with antioxidants, helping to boost your health and improve your nutrition.

Banana And Peanut Butter

Second, also consider a banana smeared with some peanut butter. Make it natural peanut butter to help reduce the added sugar content in the nut butter and you’ll be getting both healthy fats and a small amount of protein as well.

The banana will help to energize your body and will be especially good if exercising shortly due to its high potassium content.

SIDE NOTE: Please read I said SMEAR peanut butter. Do not give SMEAR your own definition 😉

Tuna With Salsa

Tuna is another good food to consider adding to your diet as a quick snack between meals. It’s almost 100% protein and fat free, so is especially good for those hoping to maximize their fat loss results. Serve it alongside some salsa for added flavor and a few diced vegetables if desired.

If you would like to add in some healthy fats to this snack, slice up a quarter cup of avocado and add that in.

Raw Veggies With 2 Oz. Low-Fat Cheese

Finally, the last healthy snack to add to your diet that’s under 200 calories and has an excellent nutritional profile is raw vegetables with some low fat cheese.

Raw veggies are jam packed with fiber as well as important nutrients that your body needs to function optimally.

The low fat cheese will contain less saturated fat than regular and will still offer a good dose of both protein as well as calcium to keep your hunger level under control.

Calcium is also important when seeking fat loss as it can help to accelerate the rate of abdominal fat loss you see, so a win-win for all dieters.

So next time hunger strikes, don’t fear snacking. Just choose wisely and you can still see optimal results.

Hostyle Smoothie

This is one of my favorites cause its quick and perfect

2 scoops whey

1 scoop yogurt

1/2 cup berries or banana

1 cup Water

If you have other good snack ideas you eant to share just reply to this email and I will be more than happy to share it with everyone.

Of Course our Man Diet covers all the bases and is simple to set up

Train Hostyle , Eat Smarter, Get Sexy!

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