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Hostyle Conditioning – does our brain even know what the hell our hands are doing?

This is a video of an observation I made today while sitting at a Diner today having a clean egg omelette.

It really made me take notice of how oblivious we can be in regards to what are our every day actions are versus our goals and aspirations.

After the Video please comment on what your thoughts are on how this applies to yourself or what you have seen in others around you?



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  1. Lindsay - February 9, 2013 11:24 am

    Great blog Curd…. I believe we all have the greatest intentions when we set our goals and try to put our action plan into action… But life seems to always throw us curve balls whether in our work lives and personal lives.. I continually evaluate my goals daily.. If I fall off the wagon one day I always make sure I remind myself the next morning what my goal is and ensure I put out back into action with no regrets.. I.e. eating that extra slice of pizza or chicken wing… Consuming that extra beer… I look back and say to my self “self that beer was great but that’s not part of the program (action plan)”. I move on and make sure I ‘Crush’ my next work out resetting my goal and action plan.. I think to many people beat themselves up and or set themselves up for failure which will deflate any goal setting and or action plan… Keep up with the honest blue collar approach to life style changes… I will be in this week to set up any appointment with you or one of your staff to make my next part of my goal happen.. Thanks again..

    • Curd Hos - February 9, 2013 12:05 pm

      Thank You Lindsay for taking the time to First of all..Train and get fitter..You make some great points about self evaluation…and once we start doing so it gets easier and we get better at it…

      I also want to thank you for following and watching my blog..I really appreciate it!!

      See u Soon

      Keep Crushing it!


  2. MC - February 11, 2013 9:40 pm

    Hi Curd – great blog! i understand both you and that poor lady in the Dinner…i certainly understand that food is directly connected to our well-being, having been in better shape than i am now…i can confirm. However, i certainly understand the lady and you are right to say there is a disconnect between our hands and our minds. We want to live healthier, eat better, exercise more…but life gets in the way sometimes and you lose control, such as feeling stressed at work and getting a poutine for lunch “to treat” ourselves, we then crash in the pm then go for a chocolate bar so on, and so forth and then it’s 20 lbs later….what people like the lady in the Diner and i need are tools to help 1- break the pattern, 2- sustain the routine, and 3- return on the wagon when falling off…and that my friend is a HUGE challenge.
    Love you blogs! Keep them coming!

    • Curd Hos - February 12, 2013 9:48 am

      Thx for reading and following and especially thanks for taking the time to

      One of the reasons People who train with us achieve great changes and improvements
      is because of the sense of belonging to a group that “get’s Them”.

      We are all struggling with issues and having common ground in a close
      knit atmosphere makes us stronger and allows us to get back up when we stumble!!

      Keep Crushing it!!


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