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Hostyle Conditioning at the Orleans Health Expo with a Fantastic Kettlebell Training Offer

Hostyle Conditioning Kettlebells

Hostyle Conditioning Kettlebells


Hey guys this Saturday Jan 12th Hostyle Conditioning will be at the Orleans Health and Wellness Expo.

Its happening at the Shenkman Center in Orleans from 9 -4 pm.

We will have out booth next to the demo stage in the lower level.

Our goal for the show is to meet and teach people about the awesomeness of kettlebell training.

As most of you know by now I am incredibly passionate about 2 things

• kettlebell training and

• re-igniting peoples passion for life thru health and conditioning the Hostyle way!

I would really love it if you guys would come by to see the show as there will be over 100 exhibitors promoting health and fitness in many ways.

At the show we will unveiling a fantastic offer for people to get the chance to really learn how to train with kettlebells.

We have a new class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm called Kettlebell Basics – it’s a 4 week course that is made up of 8 classes.

In this course we take anyone who has never used a kettlebell before or who wants to learn to use his or her kettlebell properly, and we teach them the fundamentals

Our goal is that every person who takes our Kettlebell basics course could teach the 3 basic moves to their friends because they will learned to use them so well. When their friends see how much they have changed they are gonna want to know how they did it anyway!

I have come to believe that everyone should train with a kettlebell and I am making is offer so that more and more people can.

Normally our 2x program costs $99.99 per month. But for this Kettlebell Basic program I am making it available for new clients for….

$19.99 for the 4 week class.

This is your chance to get any friend or family member that has seen the awesome results you have achieved and try it for themselves.

There is only one rule.

This is for people who have never trained with us before.

So if they have had a free week or used a groupon or Living social deal they are ineligible. If they are a past member they cannot take advantage of the offer either.

My wish is to expose as many new people to the Hostyle way of training and the awesomeness of training with kettlebells the proper way.

So if you know of someone who could benefit from training with us, please pass this along to them.

This could be for

• your wife or husband

• boyfriend or girlfiend

• family member (over 15)

• neighbour

• buddy

• work colleague, or

• yourself if u haven’t trained at HOSTYLE before

If you are someone who has been following me and the training at Hostyle and haven’t trained with us yet this is a great opportunity for you to take some action!


I am only offering 50 spots for this amazing offer.

We are expecting 2000+ visitors at the show on Saturday, so due to the fact that you in the Hostyle inner circle I am offering this offer thru you guys first.

If there is someone you know who wants in on this fantastic offer email me [email protected] @ $20 for a month of kettle training it will be gone fast!!

Crush it!


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