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Hostyle Conditioning – A “CRUSH-IT” Testimonial

Hostyle Conditioning
A “CRUSH-IT” Testimonial
Andrew Forcier

During the course of the last 7 months I have had the opportunity to improve my physical fitness, enhance my athleticism, and dramatically change my approach to healthy and active living through proper nutrition. How have I been able to accomplish this? The answer: Hostyle Conditioning.
For a long time, I had been living the young-student life (and treating my body as such…). This type of lifestyle involved: eating whatever I wanted (without any regard for its “health quality” – or lack thereof), sporadically “hitting the gym” (because that’s what the “cool cats” did), and sitting on the couch watching all-too-much television or playing video games.

…208lbs was the height of my former lifestyle…

I must admit however that for a long time I’d also been conscious of the fact that my physical fitness was in need of improvement and attention. Knowing this, I began a series of what I like to call “pseudo changes” to my daily life, which included: running (participating in the Canada Army Run), cycling (as a result of the experience and influence of some prominent Hostyle Conditioning customers: the Lessards) and on-and-off participation in a popular workout regime called P90X. I refer to these as pseudo changes because, while they were a step in the right direction, I don’t believe them to have been a completely sustainable solution. I possessed the will and the potential and yet I was not achieving acceptable results.

In order to effect real change, you must be prepared to make a lifestyle change. You must be able to surround yourself with individuals who can identify your potential, work hard to break you out of your comfort zone and teach you to accept that the road to success, while not always easy, is most certainly achievable! One must get comfortable with the idea that they are in need of a lifestyle change…A Hostyle change!

Yes, these abovementioned ingredients to effecting real life changes are present at Hostyle Conditioning through programs such as Kettle Bell Classes, Power Lifting, Mobility and General Conditioning. You will learn new things and new ways to push yourself all of which are the result of innovative fitness training! What is remarkable is the degree of variability that exists in these programs and I can personally vouch for just how significant the Kettle Bell and General Conditioning classes have been to improve not only my level of fitness, but also real life activities as trivial as bringing in the groceries or picking up a bag of dog food.

…193lbs is the result of my new lifestyle…and I’m not done yet!

My experience at Hostyle has been exceptionally gratifying as I’ve been able to shed 15 lbs (so far!), have seen noticeable improvements in my strength, cardio, stamina and overall have been able to gain confidence in my fitness abilities.

I highly recommend this game-changing facility as a way to improve your strength, your cardio, your stamina and overall gain confidence in your own abilities. “We build the fittest, toughest people. Period.” is the motto over at Hostyle. All you have to do is show up…Let Curd Hos and his team take care of the rest. You’re in good hands. And remember when you go, be sure to give it your all to achieve results. We say: CRUSH IT!

Hostyle 2013 Challenge

Hostyle 2013 Challenge

Andrew Forcier

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  1. Lindsay - March 2, 2013 10:08 am

    Excellent testimonial.. Will see you soon on my journey to a healthy lifestyle..


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