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Hostyle Conditioning # 1 Rule for Getting the body u want , the strength you need, or the physical prowess your sport demands

Visualize and execute




The more intense the workout, and the more muscles used, the more calories you
you burn, the more nervous system adaptation is achieved.


You have to step into each and every workout with the intention of pushing your mind and body towards those objectives.

You also need focus, focus on your technique, your body awareness, your breathing.

It doesn’t matter type of workout you are doing

Whether its a mobilty workout where you need to feel your body  and improve your flexibilty through movement, to help repair damage and trauma to the muscle. ligaments and tendons.

Or you’re pushing your cardio thru taxing exercises like kettlebells, rowing, plyometrics and running.

Strength training through explosive and taxing compound lifts, like bench press, squats, deadlifts and clean and presses require the utmost demands on the nervous system.

Eating properly and be consistent with your nutrition.

or simply a steady state to clean up the garbage in your system, increase blood flow for oxygen and nutrient delivery and waste removal.

You must establish what are your goals, determine the intent of the very workout you’re about to undergo. Then carry it out with 100% focus , intention and Intensity it requires from you.

Intentions and Intensity

That’s it. Simple, but not easy.  But truly the #1 secret to getting what you want.


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