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Hostyle benching in Cornwall last Saturday


The Boys after some heavy benchin"

Once again we hit up Quest gym in Cornwall for some heavy benching


I was feeling better from the bronchitis so I was ready to get a better workout in.

warm up
Raw bench 315 for 8

Reverse black bands
315 for 10
405 for 6
495 for 5
545 for 2
585 for 1 with a little help on the mid part
585 for 1 almost got it better attempt

Shirted bench
495 for 1
585 for 1
675 for 1 almost touched
725 for 1 almost touched again

better shirt presses this week can tell im getting healthier again

3 Board Heel drives
315 for 5
315 for 5

All in all a better overall workout, handled the weight better….looking forawrd to this Friday nite as
we are benching at Hostyle in Orleans!!!

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  1. John Purchase - April 10, 2012 8:14 pm

    Curd, that’s freaking amazing! Crush it or what?!?!

    Really impressed.


  2. Richard Moquin - April 10, 2012 10:00 pm

    That press was close. That’s heavy


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