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The Hostyle Bench Press Seminar after the smoke cleared!

The Hostyle Bench Press Seminar after the smoke cleared!

This past Saturday March 22nd we held one our most popular seminars.

The Beast Bench Press Seminar!

We had over 15 people attend.

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First of all I want to thank Coach Jess, Rachel and Renee for helping me deliver this kick ass seminar.

We had lots of the ladies of Iron and the men of Steel attend. Many were our Hostyle peeps and many new faces.

Over the course of the seminar we saw crazy PR’s from 15 – to over 50 lbs that very day.

Those who attended have a new appreciation and understanding for the term “Tight” and “Heels”

We were able to also spend time with every lifter and pinpoint specific areas to improve upon either their technique or strength and conditioning elements.

We then went on to cover some specific assistance exercises by actually getting down to carrying out the exercises on the spot, demonstrating the rest periods between sets as well as sets and reps.

We will be posting some of the attendees feedback in a future post.

We will also be posting tons of great action pics thanks to the services of Lessard Images


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