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Hostyle Army Run Protocol



Lst training run or “shakedown” should be at least two or three days before, and limited to  few kms.

Saturdays are “cheat days” for many of us.  I would not “cheat” on your diet the night before, as the race is fairly early in the day – opt for a clean meal, and limit or avoid alcohol.  Hydrate the night before if desired.  For those of us that hit the gym at 8am on a Saturday morning – treat Saturday night like you would a Friday night.

Race Morning

Be up early enough to “use the facilities” and  to eat a small pre-workout meal – we typically opt for half a protein shake with Banana.  If we have coffee it is well in advance of the run.

Elgin Street

Be downtown and parked by 7:15, and make your way to Elgin Street.  There will be “Corrals” indicating expected “finish” times – this is the time that you said you would finish in.  Your “Corral” colour will be the same as your bib colour.  Make your way to your “corral”.  You will note that there is a “Pace Bunny”  in your “Corral”.  This is a runner who is designated to run at the stated pace.  They have large pink ears stapled to their heads marked with the pace they are running at.  they are also carrying a sign with their pace clearly indicated.

Race Time

The start for injured soldiers and athletes with disabilities is 7:45

The run starts at 8:00 – you’ll know when the Howitzer goes off

The injured soldiers will be running with an entourage to protect them – cheer them on, thank them, but don’t touch them – many are still learning to walk/run on their prosthetic limbs.

There are a number of cheering stations – take some energy from them !

There is one water station along Colonel By Drive as you near the halfway point. – carrying your own water is optional.

There are distance markers every kilometer, so you will know where you are.

There are photographers everywhere – make sure your bib is visible, this is how you will find your photos on the website later.

Finish Line

As you cross the line you will be encouraged to clear the finish line area – there are a number of spots set up for chip removal – The first couple of chip removal areas are generally crowded – keep moving.

In the vicinity of the chip removal area there will be a number of uniformed soldiers and reservists who will present you with your “dog tag”

Most will finish by 8:45 – we can rendezvous around the fountain in Confederation Park

You will not be allowed to cross Elgin Street until the 8500 half marathon runners have gone by ( roughly 9:20 or so) – Its great to watch the start and cheer them on!

Your times will be online – usually within an hour

– Second rendezvous – @Hostyle for 10AM

Rick Lessard
Quick facts :

This is the most popular run in the city – expect at least  20,000 people in the downtown core – 9500 running the 5k, 8500 running the half marathon and a number of spectators.

Road closures and  parking:

Parking is available at :

  1. Under the World Exchange Plaza located at the corners of Albert and
    Metcalfe Streets.
  2. Under the Rideau Centre (just a short walk from the event site) via the
    entrance on Nicholas Street (east of Colonel By Drive and the Rideau Canal).
  3. Under City Hall via the Elgin Street entrance.
  4. Under the National Arts Centre (access via Slater Street just east of
  5. Street parking as permitted on Cartier, Cooper, Lisgar and Somerset
    streets east of Elgin Street and all streets west of Elgin.

We have parked at World Exchange in previous years.  Note that Metcalfe has been backed up sever blocks as early as 6:45, and the stariways in the parking area are locked on weekends, making for long delays for the elevators.

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  1. Nick - September 20, 2012 7:25 pm

    You lost me at “limit/avoid alcohol”.

  2. Chantal Souligny-Prud'homme - September 23, 2012 3:36 pm

    thank you for posting this and for the Army Run website to have posted it….It was my first time doing the run this year and this really helped me out. Thanks again!

  3. Curd Hos - September 24, 2012 7:40 am

    I agree

    Thx Rick

    You helped guide me thru my first 5k. So many people would do new things if they had access to a “buddy” system. It’s exactly the culture we are working to build at Hostyle Conditioning.

    Curd “Hostyle” Hos


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