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Hostyle and Summer Vacation

Would you keep your house nice and clean for 50 weeks and then let the cats and dogs run loose with the windows open for 2 weeks while you go away on vacation?

When you get home, you will have to spend 2 weeks just to get it back in order like it was before you left.

Well it’s the same with training. I see so many people work really, really hard for most of the year and then when summer comes it’s like school is out for the summer.

No training for 1 – 2 weeks while on vacation or some quit training altogether for the season. Only have to start back up again and take as much time as you took off to get back to where you were when you originally quit.

Does that really make sense? Is that really the best use of your time and energy?

Let’s get beyond the bigger picture of training. Exercise should be a lifestyle that leads to better health and energy.

Why put in all that work just to let it fall by the wayside ‘cause the sun is out or the beer is cold on the patio?

Now I’m not saying that you can’t ease off on frequency and intensity during your vacation. In fact, I think you can use the vacation week as a “deload” and do less work and frequency. That will actually help you recover and get ready for the next 6 – 8 weeks of intense training.

But did you notice I didn’t say stop all training?

Do less, but do some.

I was at my Best Bud’s cottage about 1 1/2 hours from here in Quebec.

Beautiful lake, awesome cottage loaded with beer, food and water sports. Slept in a little each day and indulged myself. Yet Saturday and Sunday morning I did a 6k and a 4k walk respectively and I also did the HKS Rising 550 rep challenge Saturday afternoon.

You can see the workout here:

It took me 48:14 using a 16 kg bell.

In the video below I talk about the workout and how you can do a workout anywhere.



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  1. Munna - August 9, 2012 9:23 pm

    Oh, that one sounds like one of those wkorouts that tricks you into thinking this is not too bad to begin with, and then rips your lungs out while taunting you with jibes of hah! I got you and so you thought you were fit, did you!


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