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Hostyle 300 Wake up Kettlebell Challenge

Tobin has been busy working on some great challenges for the kettlebell classes,

Instead of sleeping at night he works his kettlebell magic (does he sleep hanging upside down?)

His latest work of Evil Kettlebell Genius consisted of the Hostyle 300 Wake up Kettlebell challenge for the Beginner level.

here it is….

40 x 2 Handed Swings
20 x Upright Rows and Press
40 x Kettlebell Crunches
40 x Catchers Squats (elbows touch)
20 x Kettlebell Pushups
40 x Around the body once & Switch (count 1 per switch)
40 x Alternating direction Halo (ATH)
20 x Kettlebell Crush Curls
40 x Alternating Single Hand Swings

The goal is to beat your time every time we repeat this challenge every 4 – 5 weeks

here are the times from wednesday at 7 pm

Scott 16:47
Kim 13:08
Allison 21:07
Sarah 15:12
Chrystelle 16:21
Sergio 15:07
Marc 22:37
Dave 17:36
Heather 13:08
Tracy 18:06

Awesome Job and work ethic by everyone!!


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  1. Anne - May 8, 2012 11:35 am

    Good job


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