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Hostyle 2013 Workout Challenge

Hey kids..

Curd 2013 Challenge Workout

I have been wanting to put together a really good challenge for you guys for some time now.

As always I make sure to do the workout myself to really test it out as to what I like and don’t like about it. If it’s a great challenge I will encounter both scenarios.

This challenge incorporates everything we have worked on over the last year.






For my Hostyle clients who train here at Hostyle Conditioning they will pick a specific time to come in and do their challenge.

I will schedule them in 2 hour blocks

This workout will not affect your weekly training access on your membership.

For your time to count the workout it has to be done at the Hostyle Facility.

Those of you who are not members can do it where you train and send in your results but It has to be accompanied with some video of you before you start and and a recap at the end of your workout.

If you shoot any video during even better!!

Here is the workout:

Hostyle 2013 Challenge

300 Kettlebell swings Men use a 24 kg Ladies use a 16 kg

50 Burpees

Row 1500 meters

25 Chins – if using bands only enough to complete max 5 reps at a time

Run 5km on the treadmill 1.5 degree incline

Here is the Video of my Workout

I completed it Yesterday Dec 26th



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