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Who the Hell is Coach Andrew

Andrew grew up playing competitive sports. Baseball, Rugby and Hockey. His focus was hockey and in his last 2 years of minor hockey he played at the highest level. That was followed by three years of junior hockey in Rockland in which he was an assistant captain in the 3rd year.

As an athlete he missed that competitive spirit until he found Hostyle. Hostyle brought that intensity and competitive drive that he had been missing since his competitive sport days. Since joining Hostyle he has completed two Spartan races, two 10k races and two 5ks. His most recent passion at Hostyle though has been Powerlifting.

He’s competed in two events this year in the 308 weight class and as part of his journey is looking to compete in the 242 weight class next year. He’s come up through the ranks in Hostyle over the last 3 years and has now begun coaching the Deadlift class and Ass Kicker Friday class.

He has completed level 1 of the IDA certification program the course was muscular testing and bio mechanical assessment.

He’s currently registered for the Can Fit FIS certification in order to increase his knowledge and start his career in the coaching field.

Why I chose Andrew to be a Coach at Hostyle

When I first met Andrew years ago, I liked him Instantly. I haven’t met too many people as Positive as Andrew – Positivity is a huge component necessary in being an excellent coach.

From the outset Andrew worked hard, another attribute I highly respect.

The third quality that stood out was that Andrew truly cared about people.

Not your stereo typical coach

Andrew is not the typical trainer that has the 6 pack and stares at himself in the mirror every chance he gets.

He’s a bigger dude like myself, He gets” it” , he knows what its like to be overweight. But he doesn’t let that stop him. He has one of the best cardio capacities I have ever seen. I have witnessed him out Burpee guys ½ his size.

His new found passion and progress in power lifting especially the deadlift is why I put him in charge of the deadlift class.

Many of our clients who he works with have improved their strength and deadlift ability. From just wanting to get stronger, learn to deadlift or compete on the Powerlifting stage Andrew has been instrumental in much of our clients success.

He wants to keep learning and improve his skill set, he is knowledgeable but not arrogant. He’ll make you smile and make you sweat all at the same time.

I’m proud to have Andrew here with us at Hostyle!

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