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The Hangar – Video of 3 new pieces that have arrived

New Equipment arrivals at the Hangar Gym

The Prone Row Bench – Olympic Bench – Belt Squat

I’m like a kid in a candy store!

Last week I drove to Toronto and back to pick up these 3 piece.

Coach Andrew and Aidan met me back at the Hangar around 11:30 pm to put them together!

By Midnite we were working out on these kick ass pieces of equipment!


The Prone Row Bench

prone row bench the hangar gym hostyle

The Heavy Duty Olympic Bench Press 

Heavy duty bench press the hangar gym hostyle

The Belt Squat

Belt squat the hangar gym hostyle


Check out the Video I did going over each piece – plus you get a bit of a sneak peak of the Hangar …

Damn they are fine pieces of strength building – power producing tools of muscle mass construction.


Bottom Line its all part of my commitment to make The Hangar ( and Hostyle of Course) a truly unique strength and conditioning gym.

A Gym where Results Happen. Period!

See u soon



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the hangar Gym

Crush it!


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