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You gotta stay Motivated to succeed!!

How to Stay Motivated in the Gym

Staying motivated is not always the easiest thing to do, especially in fitness, where it’s a journey of progression.

Think to yourself, have you ever gotten a gym membership and were extremely excited to get back into shape? You even bought all new gym attire.. you were convinced that you were going to start working out and stick with it for good. Unfortunately that didn’t last as long as you have wished. Here are the 4 easy ways to keep yourself motivated in the gym, for good.

1. Switch it up

Training should always be switched up for many reasons but most importantly because of muscle adaptation and motivation. Training can be boring for most, unless you are always switching up exercises, trying new routines and consistency challenging yourself to become better. Doing that makes training more fun and your muscles won’t have a chance to adapt to the stresses of training, leading to results.

Although when it comes to resistance specific training programs always change your routine every 4-5 weeks to allow adaptation before switching. This helps to keep your workouts fresh, even if it’s as simple as adding a new exercise, a new max or changing the amount of reps per set.

One of our principles at Hostyle Conditioning is that every workout is different, always challenging your mind and body.

2. Music

Music is one of the best motivators period. If you’re not training with music, you definitely should consider it, as it makes your workouts more enjoyable. It’s rare that you can listen to music and not move, it gets you moving and grooving quickly for most people. Music helps keep you distracted from the intensity of the exercise and in return can even make you work harder and longer.

If your finding something is missing in your workouts listen to your favorite musician/band to keep yourself pumped up and you might just find yourself pushing harder and longer in your workouts.

3. Training with a partner

Training with a friend can motivate both individuals and keep each other accountable because you are both committed to showing up to the workout, which makes it harder to cancel on each other. It can help make your workouts more fun and more enjoyable because you can push each other or challenge one another in a positive manner.

It’s not always a motivating factor having a partner, so be sure whoever you pick to be your training buddy is motivating and helps you, not drag you down. If you want to run longer, workout with a running buddy who is experienced in running, if you want to lift more weight, train with someone who is stronger than you.

4. Group class or personal training

Training in a group class setting or personal training setting can be very motivating for two different reasons. First off working out in a group is motivating because you are in a class of people of different shapes and sizes, but all working their butts off making you want to work hard as well. If you’re in the class and everyone is doing the best they can and you look around and see another person possibly older or less of a fitness level than you doing the exercise, it makes you want to keep up and pushes you to achieve more.

Secondly, in personal training, your coach is your motivator. Your coach will ensure that you stay motivated by pushing you towards your goals and tracking results so that you are always progressing. Being coached through a workout is great to ensure proper form but also encouragement throughout the session.

Having a coach makes you accountable to your workouts as they are scheduled, making sure you stay consistent with training and enjoy every session.

At Hostyle, our coaches have coaches. Curd coaches us on bench press technique, Jess on barbell training, Rachel & Tobin on kettlebells, and I coach them on metabolic/bodyweight training and mobility exercises. This way we are all improving and achieving more together.

So there you have it,

4 ways to stay motivated in the gym in a brief description. Working out can be difficult at times but these 4 steps can help make you more motivated to train.

Showing up is half the battle you’ll find yourself wanting to workout once you’re in the gym and finished your warm up. Try some of these in your next workout and see if it makes a difference, and remember fitness is a progression, have fun and train smart!


Hostyle Coach

Ryan “Silent Killer” Richards

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