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Fitness for Moms

Fitness for mothersMy mom was awesome and yours is too!  As most of you will agree, your mom is always going to be your number one, but have you considered that your mom’s health may suffer because of her fitness level?  Moms fitness is of utmost importance nowadays with the ever increasing demand on all of our time.

You may dislike her at times, you might even fight with her, but who else can you say has always been there for you?  She wiped away your tears after you took a spill.  She shuttled you back and forth like a taxi service to soccer practice or dance lessons.   And she made everything just the way you liked it, without ever complaining.

But remember when her back pain flared up for the fifth time in like a week and her hip started giving her emotional trauma?  Yep, that was because of you too. There are many things your mom could have done before, during, and after pregnancy that would have prevented these ailments.

Staying fit and trim during pregnancy is a definite must, but why are many moms are afraid to exercise?

They shouldn’t be! Many experts are all in alignment about exercising during pregnancy and yet there is still some hesitation at engaging in exercise while pregnant or before becoming pregnant.

The American College of Sports Medicine (Raul, 2013) and numerous personal reports from some of my colleagues in the Fitness Industry, all of whom are mothers and personal trainers, recommend training to enhance overall physique, promote strength and have a healthy-fit pregnancy.

Maintaining a regular exercise program throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy, feel awesome, improve your posture and reduce uncomfortable things like back pain and undue fatigue.


Pregnancy and Childbirth Comes With Some Issues

We all know that being a mom is no joke!  I remember my mom juggling the fine balance of working full time as an RN, cooking all home cooked meals for the family, driving me around in endless circles to piano practice, football, and various other sports, all the while still managing to make time for the small pleasures in her own life, which were cross stitching and tending to her horses.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! Many moms suffer from chronic back pain and other maladies from having poor posture, reduce posterior chain strength, tight hip flexors and that annoying little bout of incontinence that comes from having poor pelvic floor control.

Moms have an overwhelming amount of pressure these days with very little time to exercise and maintain their health. However, with devoting a small amount of time for themselves they can still get in a great workout, improve their bodies, increase their strength, burn off that extra weight that comes with pregnancy and still have the time to spend with little Johnny and Suzy.

Would you not want to be a healthier and fit mother for your children?  Yes, fitness for moms is that important.


The Modes of Fitness for Moms

Using a variety of different methods, from kettle bells to barbells and prowlers to rowers, moms are encouraged to utilize all aspects of fitness to help increase overall strength, endurance and conditioning to help you have a safe and fit pregnancy and get back into those pre-baby clothes.  This is as long as certain guidelines are followed and you are not overexerting yourself too much!

Mothers are encouraged to train as hard as they are able to, providing they feel confident in the mode of exercise and are not overly taxing their system.  Higher impact activities such as jumping and plyometrics should be avoided, as well as certain body positions later on in the third trimester.  Having a professional coach guide your workouts can help you determine whether or not certain activities will be overly taxing on your system.  But other than that it’s game on.

Focusing on increasing overall body awareness and posture through mobility driven exercises will help to keep on developing those key motor skills and move our bodies efficiently.

Developing proper movement patterns and engraining pulling movements that stabilize the back of the body to help prevent the forward slouch and upper back pain from carrying your baby

Moms Need Core Training Exclusively

Through proper breathing and attaining the ability to activate the core through movements that are safe, the abdominals and core musculature can accept the additional weight of having to carry several more pounds that are front loaded onto your frame.

Additionally, abdominal training will  also facilitate a faster recovery period of these muscles post pregnancy as stronger muscles rebound faster than untrained muscles.  After all, moms like to feel sexy and beautiful too.


How We Can Help

Here at Hostyle Conditioning, we are all about changing people’s lives from ordinary into extraordinary and we have programs for everyone!  Our newest venture is to give back to that one special person in our lives: our moms.  Whether it is up and coming moms, present moms or those moms still with child, we want to help you have a fit and safe pregnancy and get back the body that you have always wanted.

Do not be intimidated by our name!  At Hostyle the only things we are hostile towards is mediocrity, being less than awesome and accepting that life has to be boring and less than you want it to be.

We sound rough and tough, but in reality we are just big teddy bears.  For the most part…


The Goal

Our goal is to help women remain strong and fit before, during, and after pregnancy.  To help train for a safe labor, faster recovery post pregnancy, and to get back to the body you once had and remain fit for life.

Our focus throughout this course, which we will be testing out for the first time in March 2014, is posterior chain strength, posture and the ability to activate the core musculature properly.

This focus will allow you to move and feel better  during and after pregnancy.  It will help develop the glutes and lower back and hamstrings, developing shapely legs and curves, while reducing back pain and weakness.

It will allow you to recover faster after your pregnancy and remain strong, lean and fit—awesome.

Are you ready?  Check out Michelle’s results from training with Hostyle!

Fitness for moms


Fit Mommy Bootcamp

4 week Bootcamp

Mon – Wed – Friday 9:00 am

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Next Session Starts Monday March 17th 9 am – limited to 12 people per class

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