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The Fitness Excuses That Are Stopping Your Progress

Below are some of the most common fitness excuses that coaches hear all the time and you know what?  That’s exactly what they are, excuses.  They are a way for you to legitimize not making your goals.

So how do you stop this madness and making excuses as to why you’re not achieving your goals?

They must be at least somewhat important to you in order for you to have even dreamt them up in the first place, so what is the trigger for sustained intensity towards your goals?

I’ve included some little food for thoughts at the end of each of these common excuses that may prove useful to help motivated you along.  Keep in mind some of these are a bit of tough love, but something of a kick in the butt is something you may need.

I don’t have the time.

no time


Well, let’s face it I’m too busy.  I have thirty or so clients that demand my attention and time both at work and outside of work.  A managerial position that demands a constant watchful eye both day and night.  A demanding little dog that needs to walk and eat consistently every day on schedule and a wife that constantly wants to cuddle on the couch at night.

All of these things and more bite into the time I have during the day and what makes me accomplish all of them and more?  Making time for my workouts.  I get so much more done during the day after I’ve done my workout.  I have more energy, more focus and a heck of a better mood than if I skip a gym session.  So plan for it.  Make time for it.  Book it like doctor’s appointment.  We all are busy.  Just get used to getting busy at the gym for a couple hours a week.

 I don’t want to count calories.

Heck me neither.  Counting calories sucks; however, simply by adding what I’ve eaten into my food and workout journal helps me better control what is going into my face.  If faced with the questionable fatty tidbits that seem like a good idea at the time, but will hurt my results later often times I don’t even give it a second thought once I look to putting it into my food journal.  Not to mention the fact that it keeps you accountable, but it will definitely show where you’ve gone astray in your nutrition.  Eating too many junky treats or high fat frenzy foods, well that all adds up and it’s easy to see if you’re jotting it down.  Just saying…

I don’t want to avoid my favorite foods.

eat whatever you want

So you’re really saying I don’t really care about getting results.  If I can’t eat cake and get lean and shredded why bother.  Well, I guess you really didn’t want to wear that little black dress in the first place.

Restricting your overall caloric intake and sometimes avoiding the sumptuous treats that you crave is how you get to your goals.  If you can’t make the choice to eat better, nutritious foods then you’re looking at a lifetime of food ailments.

I don’t have the energy.

no movement no energy

Of course you don’t.  If you’re not exercising you’re not going to have any energy at all.  It’s like Newton’s first law, “an object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that motion unless an external force is applied to it”.  If you don’t start moving you’re never going to start.  Get moving, feel better, have all the energy you so crave!




I don’t want to be a gym rat.

classic gym rats

You don’t have to be a gym rat like me to lead a healthier lifestyle, lose some fat, move better and get stronger.  All that takes is a little consistent training two to four days a week for as little as an hour.  Hardly a recipe for a gym rat that lives and breathes the gym 24/7.  Get your daily dose of feel good and energy at least two or three times a week and you’ll be rewarded by feeling more awesome every week.

I don’t have a trainer and have no idea what to do.

lost in the gym

Trainers are expensive, yeah, I get it.  But that’s not really an excuse.  If there is a will there is a way to figure out what you want to do.  You don’t need a trainer to get in better shape.  Simply start by moving more.  Get out for walks.  Go for a jog.  Google some exercises.  Read some books.  Heck, there’s more information online these days at the tips of your fingertips that there is literally no excuse for anyone not to at least know some very basic exercises.  You may not know how to do them well, but you’ll never figure it out by not trying.

Start off slow and break into fitness one step at a time.  Once you’re in a good place in the comfort of your own home then start breaking out of your shell and join a gym, get a coach and make some further changes.  Don’t let your lack of knowledge slow you down.  Learn and keep learning!

I don’t get a break from the kids.

I don’t have kids, but I train enough of the little buggers to know that I don’t want them for quite a while.  A joy to have, not so much a joy on the time and commitment level.

At any rate I have plenty of clients who have several children and still make time for their workouts.  That’s the key…MAKE TIME!   There’s always a way, even if you have to sacrifice a bit of sleep to get the job done.  Coordinate workouts with your spouse and make it a priority or even better have the kids come with you to the gym.  Plenty of gyms have child care and even youth classes you can get your kids engaged in to lead healthier lifestyles.  Start them young and they’ll be lifetime exercisers.

Exercise is painful.

exercise hurts for a while

Well yeah, working your body hard is uncomfortable, but you want to know what’s more painful.  Diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, and waking up every day and feeling your body crumbling away because you fail to take care of it.  Pain is all in how you look at it.

There are good pains and bad pains.  If you think about exercise as a painful experience you’re probably

Life is full of pain.  Painful experiences both physical and mental, which requires a certain amount of mental fortitude and overall toughness to overcome.  If life was easy they’d call it heaven

I’ve tried before and I never see results.

Of course, you’ve never really believed in yourself either, so therefore your results and progress display that type of attitude.  Believe and know you can succeed and you will.  Think you can’t, well, you won’t.

I’m too old.

old age and fitness

Sure you are!  Tell that to this guy.

Age is simply a number.  You’re only as old as you feel.  And with some solid weight training, conditioning and nutrition you’ll not only feel and look younger, but no one else will be able to tell how old you are simply by looking at you.

I don’t have a gym membership

Sorry, pushups, sit-ups and a good solid run don’t require a gym.  There’s plenty of ways to get your exercise in, especially at a beginner level.  Most people can start off at home doing simple bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, sit-ups, lunges, chair dips and step-ups combined with some mild cardio and get a descent level of fitness before ever even heading into a gym.  Granted a gym will help keep boredom at bay and help you achieve a much more complete level of fitness, but many people can slam out a solid workout without any equipment in the comfort of their own homes as long as they are willing to put in the work and sweat it out.  Literally!

I’m too fat.

Isn’t that more of an incentive to exercise to look, feel and move better.  Start slowly by eating better foods, more veggies, more protein, some healthy fats and a couple fruits a day.  Fill up on the good stuff and then start working your way up to a simple walking program.  Everyone can exercise, the level just has to be adjusted for the individual.

I’m too stressed out.

Well, it’s a good thing that one of the best cures for stress is exercise.  Too stressed, take it out on some heavy weights.  I bet your attitude changes quickly.

I’m too insecure.

Not having a good level of confidence about your personal appearance and overall health is a problem for a lot of people.  That’s why starting off in your home or at a private training studio may be a better option for you.

Exercising hard and losing weight, gaining muscle and striving to lift heavier and heavier weights not only builds up the body, but it builds confidence.  I’ve seen it in a lot of my younger athletes who come in chubby, out of shape and unable to do a proper pushup.  Not one.

After a few weeks of training you can see a large improvement in both their attitude and how they perceive themselves.  The fitter and stronger they become the more confident they are both in their physical domains and lives.  Get stronger, get tough, become unstoppable at everything!

I don’t really care about my health.

While you’re overall health may not be a priority at the time, please do us all a favor and just donate your organs to science at your earliest convenience.  And be sure to click on the do not resuscitate box on your life insurance form.

But seriously, if you don’t care about your health and overall fitness then perhaps someone else in your life might actually give a damn.  Maybe you should think about the consequences of leaving your spouse, children or pets behind.  They might care whether you live or die.

I’ll start up next month and give it my all.

Whatever you tell yourself to keep on procrastinating just like you do with everything else.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to get started.  Sit down, write down a couple goals and give them a date in order to get them done.  It doesn’t have to be an overly long list.  Simply put it down on paper and give it a due date.  Then work to get them done.

It’s better to start doing something NOW than wait and try to get it all done at once.  The body doesn’t work that way.  Fast results is something of a myth in training.  Consistency over time works wonders, cramming for the exam in a month doesn’t accomplish much of anything except create problems later on down the line.

I don’t want to get bulky.

girls get bulky lifting weights

The unfounded myth that women will get overly huge in regards to weight training and lifting heavy weights.  Nope, women get hotter when they lift heavy weights.  Lifting heavy weights and blowing out the Chinese buffet and Crepe Heaven Cafe afterwards is where they get in trouble.  Enough said.


There you have it folks.  The common fitness related excuses that stop you from accomplishing those coveted goals.  Hopefully you found this funny, entertaining or enlightening.  Perhaps a bit of all three.  Don’t let your goals get you down because you’re struggling to get them done.  Just stop making excuses of why you can’t and get stuff done.


-CPT SMASH  — You alone are in charge of your destiny!  Take charge of your life and do not back down!  EVER!

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