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fat loss not working

Fat Loss – If Its Not Working

Susan Bewildered was having a rough week, actually more like a rough month. Her kids were constantly sick, her husband didn’t pay much attention to her needs and she had stopped losing body fat.  The latter being today’s top problem in the books.

She just couldn’t figure out she was doing wrong. She had been training with Steve, her personal coach, for several months now and she had gotten a lot stronger, her work capacity was through the roof; but she still couldn’t drop those last few pounds of body fat. The body fat machine and scale hardly moved a millimeter up or down. Frustrated was the least appropriate word to describe her situation.

It was training time though and share never missed a workout, sometimes she’d even workout twice a day in order to further her fat loss, and still the scale didn’t move.  She sauntered into the gym and said her formal hellos to everyone she knew, although her heart really wasn’t in it.

Steve being the overly attentive coach he is asked her what was wrong.  “Hey Susan, what’s up?”  “Kids sick again?”

“No, I’m flustered with my last couple of body comps, the scale and calipers haven’t seemed to move at all,” Susan said.

“Well, –yeah, that’s true,” Steve said, “tell you the honest truth I was getting a bit concerned as well, but I wanted you to be the one to bring it up.”

“Okay, well I’m there,” Susan said. “What do I do?”

“Well let’s start with what I told you to do months ago,” Steve said frankly. “I know the nutrition scheme isn’t something you enjoy, but let’s face it nobody likes to avoid eating bread, pasta and junk carbs forever.”

“Uh huh,” Susan said, “But I haven’t been eating that many carbs…” She looked up as if to try and conjure up the fact that she wasn’t eating toast and oatmeal every day with the occasional visit down to the local hot spot for a quick bite.

“There’s no reason to try and hide the fact that you haven’t been consistent as you could be with your diet, you eat really healthy; however, your goals are related to improving your body composition and not peak health,”  Steve said. “Right?”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Susan said, “I’d really like to compete in a physique show this summer!”

“Right, and now you’re stuck in a, rut and can’t get out.”

Susan’s shoulders dropped, “Yeah, I guess I am in a bit of a slump.”

“Okay, well let’s fix it,” Steve said. “It won’t take much, you just have to commit to it.” “The reason your failing right now is because you’re not listening to what I’ve been saying to you.  Look at all the other girls, Kelly, Monica, Ann, Josie…are they having some good results?”

“Well yeah, but they’re not me,” Susan said.

“Of course they’re not, the difference is they’re doing everything that I’ve been telling them!” Steve said. “And they’re still losing fat, building lean tissue, and looking awesome.”  “You can do that too, you just have to trust me and what I’m telling you. Don’t listen to anyone else, because that isn’t the path that we’re constructing. There’s lots of ways to skin a cat, but more often than not multiple approaches to the same end don’t turn out well.”

“But I keep seeing all this other stuff online and in the news and I want to try it,” Susan said.

“Remember, there’s lots of fluffy stuff out there in the world, everyone is out to try the latest and greatest new fad.”  “Some may work, some are just garbage, but the things I’m telling you are backed by science and observational application,” Steve said. “If you follow along and commit towards one training philosophy you’ll do fine. If you want to be the lack of all trades you’ll do mediocre at everything.”

Susan nodded.

“Focus on the task at hand, get your diet under control, plenty of good fats, protein, carbs when you need them and you’ll start losing again.” “Cut out all the junk you really don’t need or save it for your cheat meal at the end of the week,” Steve bantered. “The process isn’t hard to do it’s hard to live with, but that’s sometimes the sacrifice you make to get where you want.”

“But I already sacrifice so much,” Susan said.

“But is it enough to get what you want,” Steve said probing. “Or maybe your goals aren’t where they need to be?” “Not everyone is cut out for a body building lifestyle, some love it, some hate it, and some just live with it. Figure out where you stand and make adjustments from there. If you can’t live it, then this much dedication just isn’t for you.”

“Yeah, okay,” Sarah said. “That makes sense.”

“All competitors suffer a bit too get where they want,” Steve said, “and it’s no picnic, it’s doable, yes, but with the right mindset and determination.”

Susan thought about these things all through her workout.  It bothered her that Steve would say she didn’t have the right mindset for competing, but deep she knew he had a point. She hasn’t been listening and was trying all sorts of things. She thought she was doing alright, but sometimes alright just isn’t good enough.


CPT SMASH –It’s true not all of us are cut out to be bodybuilders or physique competitors.  In the end sometimes it’s more work than one thinks.  There’s a million and one ways to accomplish a task, you just can’t focus on all of them at once.  Best case scenario follow through with one set plan of action until its results are exhausted, then focus on the next step.  If something isn’t working determine if it’s the plan or if it’s your commitment to the plan.

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