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Is Facebook ruining your Training?

Is Facebook ruining your Training?

There is no denying that we get tons of great (and not so great) information from social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so whatever the latest social media upstart is pumping out.

Youtube is home to all kinds of personal trainers and coaches (some really great ones infact) and of course lots of other experts, showing you how to do a workout from their basement or garage gym.

Hell I have even seen experts exercising on the living room floor with their dog or cat walking around them, in the way or doing something silly in the backround. – would you use a lawyer for your will if he did that positioning himself as an expert. I wouldn’t…

Most of the information is what I call surface knowledge, it’s basic, repetitive and usually outdated or just plain wrong.

Things like,

“10 ways to lose your gut!”

“Learn this one secret to a flatter tummy that’s better and safer than sit ups”

“Learn what the Hollywood stars do to lose 2 dress sizes in 48 hours”

They are titled this way to make you think there is a shorter quicker , painless way to get the results you want without yucky sweating and eating better.

By now we all know that “Planks” are more effective than regular sit ups, and drinking 3 protein shakes day and lots of water during the day for 3 days will drop 1 -2 dress sizes quickly (until u eat solid food again)

There are also “accountability” groups on Facebook, Most of the free one spout the same stuff mentioned above. They can be helpful, unfortunately they generalize everything and have no clue about your.

Current level of strength and conditioning

What type of training you are currently doing

What frequency of exercise you are doing daily or weekly.



I have had clients come into class or a personal training session barely able to walk because they have been doing some silly 100 squats a day for 30 days Facebook challenge. They can’t stand straight and end up wasting their session because we had to spending it trying to clean up the mess in their legs and lowerback.

You will some dumbass crap like this

Stupid leg training ideas Orleans personal training Hostyle COnditioning

Can someone tell me what the point of a 100 squats a day is? I mean really.

Typically these challenges come from a person or trainer that doesn’t have a facility, or doesn’t train people at a facility or gym. They are often working on building their list so that they can work on selling an online fitness product, or send people to a site that does and they get a percentage (affiliate marketing)

Don’t get me wrong I’m in the fitness business and I sell stuff too. The difference is I work with live people and groups of people. Our workouts follow a sequence, they are logical and this week’s workouts take last weeks workouts into consideration.

We have beginner level sessions and advanced sessions so people can train at the right level.

We often post our workout of the day on our website, you will see that there is lots of variety and different levels of intensity.


If you are training at home alone in your basement or garage or you are looking for new ideas for your workouts. Do some looking around, see what kind of information these sites, pages and groups are putting out. Find something that make sense and follow it for 30 – 60 days. Don’t try to do everything from every source.

Avoid the “Guru” who shows you his or her stuff from his basement or the living room floor.

If they are that good or really focused on building a fitness business why are they alone in the video and doing it any place other than a real facility.

group bootcamp Orleans Hostyle conditioning


Remember if the challenge is 100 burpees a day, ask yourself , WHY?





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