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exercise and fat loss

Exercise Alone Doesn’t Cause Weight Loss

exercise and fat lossAs many of my readers know I’m a huge fan of exercise and fitness, but it may shock you for me to reveal that exercise isn’t the overall key in as far as weight loss is concerned.  In fact, many people can lose weight easily just through manipulating their diets.

It sounds funny, but you notice I used the term “weight” in order to not describe exactly what kind of “weight” I’m talking about.  Now, if I were to say that fat loss weren’t prompted by exercise I’d be lying through my teeth; however, so many people are so concerned with their overall weight and not just fat loss.

Just the other day a client of mine described how they were unhappy with their progress in the gym, as they had put on “weight”; despite the fact that they clearly added about five pounds of lean muscle mass, while reducing their overall level of body fat by 3%.

To me this is as ludicrous as saying. “I’m sorry I’m just not hungry for the Boston Cream pie, I’ll just have a glass of water.”


Weight Doesn’t Matter

Let’s get one thing straight.  Weight doesn’t matter!  Yep, it’s not your weight that you want to worry about.  It’s your level of body fat and muscle mass.  The former of which is bad at higher levels, the latter being the most beneficial thing you can do as you age.

In many research studies, muscle mass gains have proved to be the most advantageous thing to thwart off aging related diseases and increase overall longevity.


But What About Cardio For Fat Loss

As my most of my readers already know, I don’t think that all exercises – especially cardio – in and of itself is a very viable solution to weight loss. In fact, I’d go as far as to make the argument that cardiovascular exercise isn’t the best method to lose extra weight.

Now, I’m probably going against the grain here, but cardio isn’t your best option to lose fat.  Why?

Because cardio focuses on increasing your overall respiratory and lung function, but not losing body fat. Sure, it burns calories, which can be advantageous and can help you burn off some body fat.  However, only increased levels of muscle mass through resistance training and eating a better diet can keep your levels of body fat down and allow you to burn fat continuously.  This will help you sustain your fat loss.

Now just because resistance training is an important part for increasing and keeping your muscle mass as you age, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most important part of your fat loss efforts.


Get In The Kitchen…No Seriously

In reality spending more time in the kitchen and preparing healthy meals comprised of protein, essential fats and minimal carbohydrate are what’s going to keep you lean.

About 80% of your results are going to come from what you’re eating on a daily basis.  If you’re prepared and have numerous healthy meals already prepped and ready to go for the week this is going to increase your ability to control the amount of junk, fast food and quick on the go processed foods that you intake.


Tricks to Succeed

To succeed at your fat loss goals you must have a plan to succeed.  Start by prepping your meals on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Instead of spending an extra day exercising, use your one or two day off from the gym to prepare healthy meals.  Pack these in ziplocks, plastic bags or glass containers that you can freeze ahead of time so you can grab and go if you forget or don’t have time during the week.

Cut up your vegetables and put them into portion controlled containers or ziplock bags.  This will ensure you have a healthy snack when you come home and eliminates prep time which can prevent you from eating healthy.

You can even prep whole meals and freeze them in ziplock bags.  One of my wife’s favorites is prepping soups, stews and stir fry veggies and meats ahead of time, putting them in gallon ziplock bags and freezing them for later use.  She makes a great Hawaiian chicken stir fry that is dynamite on any evening we don’t feel like cooking dinner.  Trust me, it takes about 15 minutes to cook the stir fry and then have a healthy meal rather than waiting an extra 30 minutes for that meat lovers pizza.

That way even if you have a lull in your day and you can’t make that evening meal you still have something you can cook in minimal time.

Another easy strategy is to just cook extra dinner and then pack it away for meals the next day.  As long as you don’t use that extra food as an excuse for seconds it works brilliantly.  Of course this only works if you can stomach eating leftovers, but if you’re serious about fat loss then it shouldn’t really be a problem.

Use these techniques to help increase your weight loss efforts.  Don’t try to rely on exercise alone to get you there.  Starting off exercise will be a key ingredient to help change your body, but the final battle to be won will ultimately be fought in the kitchen.  Learn to use some heavy resistance to increase your muscle mass, do some cardio to help burn more calories and learn to cook some healthy meals and you will succeed.

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