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Curd Hos Hostyle conditioning

More exciting news at Hostyle…

Curd Hos Hostyle conditioning

One of the things you will often here me saying ( yes, I often have a lot to say)

“There is no age to change your life and go after something you have always dreamed of doing”

If you look around you at Hostyle, the majority of our clients are over 40.

Men and Women in there 40’s – 50’s – and yes 60’s GSD ing it (Getting Shit Done)

Being around these people is truly inspiring!

The atmosphere at Hostyle and the Hangar is awesome and it’s spreading!

A little over 2 weeks ago we put out an announcement that we were looking for some new team members.

Something really cool happened – 2 of our Hangar clients contacted me and asked if I would consider them for a position with us.

So we sat down down for  a quick 10 minute talk – which went almost an hour and half!!

It quickly became apparent that they were a fit for us and Hostyle is a fit for them.


I would like to welcome to the Hostyle Team

Hilary and Phil Raoult

They will be joining the front counter team,

They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Physique Training and competition as well.

As a very strong knowledge base in Sports Supplementation.

When you read their bio’s below you will quickly see the win – win this is for all of us

Welcome to Hostyle Hilary and Phil!!


Phil Raoult

phil raoult hangar hostyle Advanced genetics ag army



Born and raised in Ottawa, Phil started his weight training journey in high school.  Life has seen him in and out of the gym over the years, but he has been fully committed to fitness since 2009.

In 2014, Phil put his love of crushing goals to good use and headed to OPA Ottawa Championship, then he came back home with a first place trophy for the Master’s division in Men’s Physique!


Phil’s passion for supplements led to an opportunity to represent Advanced Genetics as a brand ambassador in 2015; and he’s always excited to talk about how you can use nutrition and supplements to meet your personal goals.


“From the first day I walked into The Hangar, it felt like home to me.  It’s easy to see that everyone at Hostyle is as serious about training as I am, but everyone is helpful and inviting.  Plain and simple, it’s a badass gym, with badass people and I’m super excited to be a part of that.  Maybe some of it will even rub off on me.”


Look for Advanced Genetics supplements to hit the shelves at Hostyle this week….


Hilary Raoult

 Hilary Raoult hangar hostyle magnum nutirtion

Hilary has always kept busy in activities like wrestling, skiing, distance running and horseback riding.  While she no longer competes, she does still have her Dressage horse and she’ll tell you all about him if you ask.


Hilary didn’t really discover a love of the gym until she tore her ACL in 2009 and had to strengthen her leg with weight training after surgery.


She noticed her butt getting a little bit nicer and since then, she has fallen in love with all things fitness, nutrition and supplement related.  She started competing in the OPA Bikini Division in 2013 and eventually made her way to the Natural National stage.


Proud to be completely natural, Hilary found a supplement company that shares her passion for keeping it clean and she has been a sponsored athlete with Magnum Nutraceuticals since 2014.


“I’m beyond keen to be a part of the family at Hostyle and The Hangar.  I’ve never been to a gym with such a cool vibe.  It doesn’t matter what time of day I go, what classes are going on or who is there training, everyone is relaxed and easy to get along with.  One of my biggest takeaways when I first joined was seeing how truly engaged the coaches were with the classes, and how fit the members get.  I’m proud to say I’m part of something so unique in the fitness world.”

Hilary will be at Hostyle monday nites starting tonite – please be sure to introduce yourself when you come in for your workout!!

Phil will be in this wednesday nite but will be our eye candy at the counter on Thursday nites..

We will also be setting up some Sports nutrition workshops in the near future, stay tuned for that!!

Hostyle keeps crushing it!!!



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