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Fat Loss

Declaring War On Fat Loss

You know there’s a lot to be said about moderation.  The word is that “moderation in all things including moderation” will bring about good results.  However when the topic comes concerning fat loss you might as well grab a snickers, because you’re going to be there a while.  Moderation is a fatal thing.  Nothing succeeds like excess.  – Oscar Wilde

Moderation is akin to mediocre or medium, so when you’re talking about fat loss, why settle for anything less than an all out war.


Stop Taking Things Slow

Fat Loss

Abs like these didn’t take a moderate approach!

Now, many may have good results when they take the slow, easy cut road along the side of the river; however, it’s often much easier to simply blast your way through the mountain in order to get to the rewards on the other side.

If you want great results and truly want to be successful at losing fat then take it to task.  You want to hear your fat cells scream in agony of defeat, then stop letting them win!  Get ready for a full out assault on fat loss.  Leave moderation for those times after you’ve lost a significant amount of bodyfat.


Bodybuilders Do It Better

You know the best people to turn to when you want to lose body fat is bodybuilders.  They’ve dedicated their whole existence towards being the leanest, most muscular beings on the planet.  So it bears recognition that they’d have quite a bit to say about losing bodyfat.  Not only that, but they do it on a regular basis.

If you’ve ever been close to 3-4% bodyfat you know it’s not an easy thing to get the body to do, and yet year after year bodybuilders get leaner, more muscular and absolutely freaky.

Obviously most people don’t want to get that lean, but the fact remains that they have the tools you need to slash bodyfat.  So why not use it?

Bodybuilders blast fat through high intense training, lifting weights 5-6 days a week, doing cardio and short bursts of high intensity sprint activity.

They get plenty of sleep to recooperate their tired muscles and eat very clean healthy foods.  They especially get enough protein, essential fats and very low carbs.

Heck they even avoid going to a lot of social situations when they’re preparing for a contest in order to not be tempted by the hazards of eating out.

People trying to lose fat quickly would be wise to follow in these footsteps.


Medium Never Gets You Anywhere

The idea behind the moderation approach is sound and it works; however, the results are always so-so.  The reason why is that you can never fully focus into your training and nutrition as you really need to in order to achieve that ultimate success.

You can train medium for a while and it’s a good way to get a good “groove” within training and a mediocre diet will give you some descent results for a while, but it won’t make those abs pop out like they’re chiseled out of stone.

If you want above average results, be prepared to put forth above average effort in all that you do.  Success demands it.

Set a date and give yourself thirty days.  You can do anything for thirty days if you put your mind to it.  Put up signs on the fridge, mark up your mirror with markers and hang pictures of your idols with that tight little bod you would like.  Write up your goals and start training with abandon.  Get your nutrition off to a kick start by clearing out the fridge of everything that’s not going to help you get to your goal and throw everything else away.  Dedicate yourself completely to this thirty day war and go in it to win.  You can start right now.

Need some help?  Feel free to give me a call and I can set you up on the path to success.


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