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Deadlift Seminar Was a Blast!

Last Saturday was a blast! Students came from as far as Toronto to learn the proper techniques and some inside tips to deadlift like a beast!

“Captain Smash,” Jesse Howland, and the boss, Curd Hos, gave students an in-depth look at how to lift weights from the floor.

Students learned not only the different types of deadlifts but also how to properly do each one — such as the conventional deadlift, the sumo, straight-legged, Romanian, rack pulls, and more.

Jesse and Curd taught how to use proper form, good mechanics, and appropriate assistant exercises, so that students will be able to add, 20, 40, even 60 pounds or more to their deadlifts!

There’s so much that goes into lifting heavy weights — the kind that breaks records and reduces the risk of injury. From head position, shoulders and thoracic spine placement, proper abdominal bracing, to legs and stance.

Next seminar on the schedule? Bench Press!

So if you want to know when it is, and want to be among the handful of lucky ones who register (as seminars are limited in order to properly give individualized attention), then please subscribe to the mailing list on the top right.

Crush it!

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